wake N shake: Waking Up Might Never Be the Same

wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition - Andres Canella

wake N shake iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $.99

When standard alarm clocks won’t cut it, it’s time for the new wake N shake – The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition iPhone app from Andres Canella. This alarm clock iPhone app mixes hilarious sound effects, custom settings and a little bit of cardio to completely revolutionize your wake up routine.

So if you’ve ever slept through an alarm, or if you’re a bona fide snooze button addict, rouse yourself long enough to read our iPhone app review of wake N shake – The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Edition. It could change the way you wake.


As ideas go, the iPhone alarm clock app idea has been around the block. It’s convenient to have your alarm on your iPhone, since if you’re like me it hardly ever leaves your side. The wake N shake iPhone app is an extremely effective alarm clock.

There are some truly hilarious alarm sounds in this app, ranging from a Space Balls themed track to a friendly lady robot who insists your iPhone would like some pancakes.

Pick your favorite. You enter a time and it goes off. Ta dah! That’s when things start getting interesting. Because the wake N shake iPhone alarm clock app doesn’t have a snooze button, and your iPhone tells you that it’s “time to shake!”

That’s right. Shake.

Not only are you going to hear some truly interesting custom alarm clock sounds, the only way to make your alarm stop is to shake the crap out of your iPhone.

All settings are customizable. You can adjust the required shake difficulty from hard to painful, and even merciless. This is some serious stuff.

There’s also an adorable alarm clock pal named Alarmi in this app and a host of useful alarm features such as quick naps.

It’s just such an unusual alarm app that I have to give it props. The wake N shake iPhone app is smart, funny and different.



wake N shake iPhone App Review

wake N shake

I’ve never been a morning person. That being said, waking up and having to shake my iPhone gets my blood pumping, and gives me a healthy place to work off my morning rage.

In other words, this app just works. It works brilliantly. I might miss my snooze button for a couple of days, but think of all the time I’ll be gaining by actually getting up when my alarm goes off.

Layout & Design:

The smarty pants who created wake N shake were thoughtful enough to use night-friendly colors throughout the app. The app’s main color is red, and screens of black and red are much easier on eyes adjusted to the dark.

It’s also super easy to create, edit and customize alarms. A bottom tab design allows you to access app details and the adorable Alarmi is on board for the entire process.

A simple, yet effective, high quality UI is a sure way to my heart. Top scores for wake N shake.


The pro version of this app comes with a lot of extra features, so we reviewed it here at The iPhone App Review instead of the free “Rookie Shaker Edition.” Even with the extras, the app only costs $.99. That’s an extremely fair price for an app that pulls its weight, and pulls you out of bed. Get it.

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wake N shake


wake N shake iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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