I Ain’t Never Been To Vegas Sports, But I Gambled Up My Life

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Vegas Sports app

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

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First of all, we’re proud of you if you got the Ryan Adams reference tucked into our title. Secondly, we’d be just as proud if you went out and downloaded the iPhone app Vegas Sports, by the developer of the same name. The iPhone app is a rock-solid resource for gambling on organized sports, and we’d certainly never go to the bookie without it. For our full iPhone app review of this sports-based gambling iPhone app, grab a beer, turn on ESPN, and check below!

Concept and Functionality

At its core, Vegas Sports simply wants to help you manage your gambling finances and vivaciousness in as concise a way as possible. The app makes it simple to create events, track them as they’re in progress, and then add or subtract your wins and losses from your total investment funds.

Vegas Sports was, according to the developer’s website, created by a bunch of guys who just couldn’t find a good enough utility to track their sports gambling. This carries over into the finished product, as the app relies heavily on the user’s own input, but makes it a cinch to track game outcomes, money lost, and funds won.

The app allows users to keep track of multiple sports books, as well as bank accounts. The rules for each of these are detailed in the app’s excellent in-app documentation. Likewise, a total balance, complete with transactions, is only a click away, as are performance ratings to give the user a general feel for the successes as compared to their victories.

It’s a solid offering, and one that’s incredibly useful to the sports gambler. Our only real complaint with the app is its lack of an Internet connection: Vegas Sports requires the gambler to put in each competitor per event, as well as all the other scheduling information. Integrating these fields with online schedules would streamline the process, but it’s hardly a deal breaker in its current state. Likewise, having the option to save the app’s data to Excel would be handy, as well.

Design and Layout

Vegas Sports

Vegas Sports

It’s worth noting that Vegas Sports looks absolutely fantastic on the iPhone. The app’s interface is simple to use, while the tabbed navigation controls keep everything within an arm’s reach. Likewise, we also appreciated the ease of event creation, as the developers have removed any of the challenges of editing and maintaing a complex network of sports books.

Overall Value

Vegas Sports is a tad pricy at $2.99, but for that money, users can enjoy the absolute best sports book manager available in the App Store. Vegas Sports is a work of gambling art, and any dedicated sportsman will benefit from having it in pocket. Whether you’re an armchair better or a Sunset Strip prowler, Vegas Sports has a place for you.

Vegas SportsVegas Sports requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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