Trafy: GTA With A Matte Finish

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 Trafy iPhone App Video Review


Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Trafy, by developer Yagiz Gurgle, is the kind of iPhone app that makes it a little easier to understand why people drive the way they do. The game’s emphasis on causing massive traffic headaches may explain a lot socially, but it’s also quite a lot of fun, as intended—that is, as a racing game for the iPhone and iPad. Trafy’s tilt-based mechanic is engaging, and will certainly kill a few minutes in the queue, or a long morning commute.

Concept and Gameplay

The iPhone App Review was exciting and discovered that the concept behind Trafy is relatively simple: Users play as a tiny automobile with a speeding problem, directing the car by tilting their iPhone or iPad left or right. As the car dives between various other vehicles on the road, the player is rewarded with points for both distance and daring-do.

The closer a player gets to other cars, the higher the bonus points awarded. Likewise, the more accidents the user can create, all the better for the point total. The same goes for leading a police car into other drivers, or for busting up a police roadblock.

There’s also a fun hit-points concept at work that does a lot to keep the ball rolling. Rather than giving players only so many scrapes with other vehicles before its game over, Trafy instead offers them a health bar that’s chipped at every time an accident occurs. This means players have much more lenience in hitting other vehicles. That being said, I found it odd, being rewarded for careening into other objects and drivers when doing so reduces my life essence. I suppose this places the emphasis on creating as large of obtrusions as possible with the health provided, but it still felt like a strange game mechanic.


Design and Graphics



It’s worth noting right off the bat that Trafy looks absolutely amazing on both the iPhone and the iPad. I was a large fan of the matte finish the app sports, as well as the sprite designs. The cars and trucks are cartoony, but not so much so as to be off-putting. Rather, it created a pleasant atmosphere for all the abundant mayhem.

The controls themselves were also wonderful. I had no trouble directing my car using the tilting mechanism, though I still would have liked to see a calibration setting somewhere, as the potential for things to go awry is always present.

Overall Value

Clocking in at the ever-sweet dollar point in the App Store, Trafy is an absolute bargain for the bored commuter or lazy afternoon gamer alike. The concept offered here is enticing, and with Open Feint and Game Center making a dual appearance, the potential for competition via online leader board has never been riper. Trafy is slalom style racing at its best on the iPhone and iPad, and with such a low price, it’s a valid steal.

TrafyTrafy requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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