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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We hope you’re having a fantastic first few days of Autumn, as we haven’t quite had the time to get out and enjoy it ourselves! We’ve been inundated in new iPhone apps and iPad apps to review, and though we like a good leaf pile, we won’t complain. Instead, we’ll just hand over the Week’s Top 5 iPhone and iPad Roundup on a platter with a Weekly Sneak Peak on top. Enjoy, Pilgrim, and don’t forget to wipe your chin after!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

This week brought us some killer games, including the party favor Imitation, the tilting madness of Drivers Challenge Academy. We also particularly enjoyed Wall Runner for its tripped-out tunnel racing action.

That’s it for the sneak peek, leaving only the tasty goodness that is our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps Roundup for the week of September 23!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Real Steel

Real Steel

Real Steel – $4.99

If you’re anything like us—and somewhere inside us, we kind of hope you are—then you’re sent like a moth to flame to anything that involves ten foot robots beating the crap out of each other. If Transformers was your Mecca, then have we got a iPhone app that will prove to be a real treat for you: Real Steel, the iPhone app companion to the upcoming movie, will tickle you five ways to sunday.

The iPhone app allows players to assume the identity of a fighting robot, boxing and bashing their way to fame against other robo-contenders. There’s a tournament mode for users to play through, bashing roster after roster of bots. There’s also a quick skirmish setting, in case that sounds more appetizing. No matter how you slice it, though, with heaps of unlockables and enough Rock-Em-Sock-Em action to fill hours of gameplay, Real Steel is a solid winner.

Virus Barrier

Virus Barrier

VirusBarrier – $2.99

Did you know your iPhone is every bit as susceptible to malicious hacking as your desktop computer? In fact, with so many people sporting our favorite mobile device, those intending to do harm to your beloved iOS companion are only getting stronger. If you’re concerned about your iPhone’s safety, VirusBarrier is the app to ease your anxiety.

Because Apple has the iPhone locked down, VirusBarrier cannot scan through all of your files, looking for obviously detrimental bits of code as usual. Rather, it operates within the Mail application: users send attachments to VirusBarrier, where it checks for malignant code. It’s not a perfect fix, but if it creates some peace of mind, then it’s easily worth the three bucks it costs.

KCRW Music Mine

KCRW Music Mine

KCRW Music Mine – Free

We aren’t afraid to admit it: We’re bloody lazy when it comes to discovering new music. It’s such a pain, having to boot up the old Spotify and troll through hours of new content, all while the uncertainty of liking or not liking a band hangs above us like a stinking cloud of shame. No, it’s not for us, a fact KCRW Music Mine truly understands.

The LA public radio station’s companion iPad app presents a wealth of handpicked musicians for the user to peruse, bringing heaps of excellent content right to your door. It’s a no-brainer affair, listening to a few tracks here and there, enjoying the tunes without any extra pressure. Best of all, KCRW Music Mine is completely free in the App Store, making it a golden find itself for musical couch potatoes like us.



Parkbud – $1.99

We lose our car fairly often in the parking lot: Who knows what it is about that large black mass of asphalt that makes our tiny vehicle so hard to find, but we do it nonetheless. Thankfully, though, we live in a modern age where we can rely on apps like Parkbud to save our forgetful derriere.

The app is a full-service parking application, creating GPS-enabled maps that lead the user straight back to their car in a pinch. The app also comes with a meter tracker, complete with an alarm when your ticket is about to run out. Parkbud will even help you find a nearby parking garage if you’re stuck without a spot to claim. It’s quick, cheap, and a lifesaver for the absentminded.



McSweeney’s – Free

We’re no strangers to McSweeney’s excellent content: The publisher’s iOS application has been around for a while, bringing the company’s superb short stories, videos, and articles to our iPhones and iPads. However, the app has a new face, and one that’s tickling us silly—McSweeney’s can be had for free in the App Store, dropping its previously ridiculous price in favor of a giveaway model!

All the same content is preserved, maintaining the app’s reputation as an original iPhone media powerhouse. It’s a great way to read a bit, or watch some engaging videos on the go. And considering the app is now free, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a test drive.

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