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Time Warp Alarm Clock - Milan Nikolic

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Time Warp Alarm Clock iPhone App Video Review


Time Warp Alarm Clock for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Time Warp Alarm Clock, by developer Milan Nikolic, offers one of the most visually striking alarm clock experiences available for the iPhone and iPad. This universal offering provides a hefty amount of graphics customization, easy alarm creation, and a sturdily fun way to wake up in the morning. Smashing the snooze button fifteen times is still on you, though.

Concept and Functionality

My iPhone app review determined that Time Warp Alarm Clock, at its core, offered the same functionality you’d expect from any of the other thousand alarm clock iPhone apps available in the App Store. Users can program wake-up calls or reminders based around repetitions and times, while adding their own sounds or using the in-app ringtones. There’s also the option to use tracks from the device’s iPod library, which is a pleasant touch, especially for those that remember a time when such functionality was hard to come by in an alarm clock application.

However, Time Warp Alarm Clock takes things one further in the visual department, offering a unique and particle-based dashboard. Users are free to swap between a traditional analog cock and the modern digital flavor, though each produces the same effect: The time is displayed in an absolutely gorgeous “floating” manner, with a multitude of fun colors and shapes.

Almost every aspect of the display can be edited, as well, down to the very color stream of the particles. Users have full control over each end of the streams, as far as hue goes, not to mention total flexibility in the shapes produced as well. All in all, it’s a fully comprehensive experience, and one that looks just as pleasant as it is easy to create.


Design and Layout

Time Warp Alarm Clock for iPhone

Time Warp Alarm Clock for iPhone

The developers have added several nifty features to help smooth over the waking process. My favorite among theses was the double-tap to dim function: By tapping the screen twice, users can automatically dim the screen to a comfortable, nighttime-appropriate setting. There’s also the option to use 24 hour time, in case you’re from the UK or the European continent.

However, it’s worth noting that Time Warp Alarm Clock is not a business-oriented task manager in any sense of the word. The app does not integrate with Google Tasks or Calendar, and cannot be set to sync with your work schedule. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it still sets Time Warp Alarm Clock aside as a graphical bedside companion, rather than a business buddy.

Overall Value

Priced at the always comfortable dollar in the App Store, Time Warp Alarm Clock is a steal for those that need a beautiful new addition to their nightstand. The app runs smoothly, and though there’s currently no way to reach to the Internet for dates, the graphics alone are well worth the money spent.

Time Warp Alarm ClockTime Warp Alarm Clock requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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