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Speak2Do iPhone App Video Review

Speak2Do iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Whether you’re a parent, a professional, or both, chances are you are busy. Busy lives breed lists. We make lists for grocery shopping, errands, plans and more. We even make lists of lists!

Turn your iPhone into a simple, yet highly effective, recording device to keep track of all your important to-dos with the Speak2Do iPhone app from A.Yosher Engineering LTD.

Anything that can make keeping track of our busy lives easier is a welcome respite. So if you’re a busy person (and be honest, aren’t we all?) spend some time with my iPhone app review of Speak2Do.


My iPhone app review determined that the Speak2Do iPhone app lets you create high quality audio recordings with the touch of a finger.

Before you say that you already have a digital recorder take a moment to consider the convenience of being able to record audio with your iOS device. And before you say you already found an app that lets you record, let me tell you about the thoughtful features of this app.

Speak2Do is an extremely intuitive, easy to use recording app. Recordings can be as long as you like. The only limitation is your device’s available memory.

It comes with several pre-created folders for you to create and organize recordings in, or you can create your own custom folders, delete the originals, and basically do whatever you darn well please.

I love the “undelete” feature. The Speak2Do iPhone app is the first digital recording app I have ever seen that saves your deleted files for you to recover if you need to. I know I’ve pushed delete without meaning to a time or two. This feature rocks.

You can also customize recording settings and sounds, the order of recordings, and even the playback volume to ensure you are always able to hear. Speak2Do is a seriously solid recording app. I love it.


Practical Application:

Speak2Do iPhone App Review


Next time a thought crosses your mind, you need to save an important address or phone number, or you are organizing an event, visit or anything really, reach for Speak2Do. It’s quicker and easier than writing a list. Think of all the trees you’ll be saving.

I really think this app will be invaluable to families, businesses, professionals, and anyone who wants help recalling important information. The possibilities are endless.

User Interface:

Using the Speak2Do iPhone app is extremely simple, making it even more convenient. Once the app is open it only takes one touch to start recording. Simply touch the folder you want to put the recording in.

An interesting slide design allows you to change from recording to listening to recordings. I do think the color scheme and app buttons are slightly unsophisticated, but they are basic, easy to use and my sense of style can take one for the team here.


At $.99, the Speak2Do iPhone app is impossible to pass up. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and get this app. Make your first recording a memo to thank me for the suggestion.

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Speak2Do iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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