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Snow Resort

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Are you looking to hit the slopes this weekend, or maybe get in a bit of snowboarding over the holiday break? No matter the reason, if you’re looking for a killer place to get some powder and mountain air, Snow Resort iPhone app, by developer Special Edition Design, has the resources to help you out of your fix. It’s a tight package, and though the real value of the iPhone app is mostly in its convenience, it’s still a brilliant utility for the slope rat in us all.

Concept and Functionality

What Snow Resort offers is essentially a convenient front-end to get you quickly to ski resort information. The app allows users to select from a wide range of locations—including all the best international skiing areas. Users can also input their skill level to receive custom-tailored responses based on their experience. This is a particularly useful feature, and one that makes a lot of sense for those in need of a good recommendation. There’s also the option to specify a certain kind of terrain, in case you’re into freestyle, freeride, or Piste.

Once all the information Snow Resort needs has been entered, the app heads to the Internet, returning with a list of some of the greatest skiing locations around. The app does stick solely to continents, though, painting with a rather large brush.

Aside from offering a basic research function, Snow Resort also allows users to save resorts to their favorites, keeping them around for a further look later. For each listed resort, the app also provides extra information like Piste maps, videos, and a link to the website for each location. However, there is currently no way to export a resort outside the app to either social networking sites or Mobile Safari. This is a bit of a drag, especially if the user wants to ask a friend or family member for advice about a specific resort.


Snow Resort

Snow Resort

Design and Layout

Snow Resort keeps things simple, offering basic tabbed navigation that makes it easy to get straight to the important information in a pinch. As stated, though, the app does stick to whole continents (a query for resorts in America also includes Canadian ski routes) which tends to create an extremely varied pool of results. As a Colorado resident, I would have liked the option to look specifically for local resorts, especially if I had the option to export my finds to Facebook. I have a feeling those who live in other powder meccas, like Switzerland, might feel the same.

Overall Value

For the dollar Snow Resort costs, users can enjoy a convenient and simple way to research the most popular ski resorts around the globe. The app doesn’t yet make it easier than Google to look for local areas, but considering how tight the packaging is, and how cheap, as well, there’s not much to lose by giving Snow Resort a test drive—and potentially a lot of powder to gain.

Snow ResortSnow Resort requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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