Ringtone DJ Cuts, Dices, And Mixes New Tones Old School Style

Ringtone DJ for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: Free

Mmm, ringtones: How we love thee! You brighten our day with your customized call in the local queue, you drag us out of meetings with an embarrassed look, and you make it so much simpler to declare our inner selves via prefabricated music. We also appreciate you, Ringtone DJ (AppAnnex) for making the process of creating new iPhone ringtones that much easier. The iPhone app isn’t a one-stop-shop yet, but it’s still a fantastic—and free—way to chop up your iTunes library for use as a ringtone. We enjoyed our iPhone app review of Ringtone DJ and hope you will as well. Now let’s get our groove on!

Concept and Functionality

Like other ringtone creator iPhone apps before it, Ringtone DJ makes it easy for users to load their favorite tracks from the iPhone’s iPod application, and then choose the sections they’d like to hear often in the form of a ringtone. Simple sliders and a basic waveform viewer streamline this process, while a basic feature set along the right (play, pause, restart, save, and load) make the whole kit-and-kabootle intuitive.

Ringtone DJ comes with a few hand-picked extra, too, that can be purchased at a price in-app. These offerings include a high and low pass filter, a delay effect, voice recording, and even scratching effects. This is where the deejaying aspect of the title comes into full swing. They’re all entertaining, and though you won’t be creating any award winning mixes from Ringtone DJ, it’s still a nice touch—even if it does come at a $1.99 price.

The only real bee in Ringtone DJ’s bonnet is its lack of direct integration with the Phone app. Songs are saved to iTunes file sharing, and the phone itself must be synced with iTunes before the tone can be used. This is a huge pain in the derriere, and though it isn’t hard, it prevents the process from being absolutely seamless.

Design and Layout

Ringtone DJ for iPhone

Ringtone DJ for iPhone

Thankfully, everything else about Ringtone DJ is absolutely streamlined. The app’s interface provides a touch-oriented way to create tones, and the included feature set is readily available with only a few clicks. Loading songs from the iPod was a snap, and we experienced hardly any lag at all during the set-up. Likewise, the waveform editor was equally responsive to our constant prodding. The application itself looks gorgeous, to boot, featuring a neon-studded modern look that feels absolutely fantastic on the iPhone’s retina display.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, even with the necessity of syncing with iTunes, Ringtone DJ is still one of the easiest ways to create new ringtones from your iPhone. It’s a simple process, and one that’s farm from difficult. With a low price of entry (try free) there’s no reason not to give the app a try—especially if it means getting rid of that Aaron Carter ringtone you have now, you sissy you.

Ringtone DJRingtone DJ requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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