Unlimited Streaming Service Rdio Takes on iPad, and iTunes Tax

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Reported by Valerie Lauer

One of the most popular iOS streaming services, Rdio, recently launched an iPad optimized version of their app. The move sounds like a no brainer. Rdio execs admit that an iPad app is their most frequent request.

The App

The good news is that the iPad app has all of the awesome features users loved about the iPhone incarnation of Rdio.

Use Rdio to stream music right on your iPad. A catalog of 10 million songs with a frequently updated new music section, awesome collection of playlists and bustling social feature let you rule the music scene from your favorite app.

And as the first major music streaming service (no offense to radio station driven apps such as Pandora and Slacker) to make it to the iPad, it sounds like Rdio just upped the ante.

“With Rdio for iPad you can sit back and casually thumb through the world’s collection of music to explore new and old favorites in a stunning and sleek manner,” vice president of product design at Rdio, Malthe Sigurdsson said. “Albums flip over to reveal track listings, transitions between portrait and landscape orientations are gorgeously animated, and controls and lists are cleverly laid out to show off album art in high definition.”

So, why the wait?

Despite an early buzz about the app in mid-July, Rdio did not launch their new iPad app until August 4, causing many to wonder what the holdup was.

The delay coincides nicely with Apple’s new streaming service tax that claims 30 cents of every dollar spent in apps such as Rdio, Spotify and MOG. Tack on the 60 percent fief these apps pay record companies, and you can see why Rdio was loath to lure a new batch of iOS users.

The Solution

The team at Rdio has an interesting solution to their dinero dilemma. They recently increased the price of their streaming subscription from $9.99 to $14.99, but only for users signing up via iTunes. Users are welcome to continue signing up for the service via Rdio’s website for the $9.99 price.

It’s a smart move, though there are definitely some repercussions. For example Rdio is not allowed to advertise the lower Web based subscription in the app, which could hurt the young company in the long run.

Bottom line – if you plan on signing up after enjoying a free week of your Rdio service, be a smart consumer and use Rdio’s website link instead.

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