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Navy Sink’EM iPhone App Video Review

Navy Sink'EM for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Like America’s Army before it, Navy Sink’EM iPhone app by is a government-subsidized entry into the video game market, this time allowing players to enjoy the Royal Australian Navy on their iPhone. Surprisingly, the game is pretty engaging, and though it’s hampered by a lack of an expansive online multiplayer platform, my iPhone app review found it to still be wicked fun.

Concept and Functionality

Navy Sink’EM is somewhere between traditional Battleship and a rock-paper-scissors style game on the iPhone. The app has players arranging their ships across several different levels, in this sense making it most similar to the classic Hasbro game. However, each ship comes with a unique weapon that responds and performs in different ways. So in this regard, the game is a bit more like a turn-based RPG, or even rochambeau.

However, the game is all fun, bringing along physics-based shooting, à la Angry Birds seemingly just for the hell of it. Players must destroy enemy ships by first clicking on a vessel, and then pulling backward, as if launching a slingshot. A diagram displays how much power is being exerted, and in what direction, allowing for precision aiming. Once set, the player simply lets off, and away the projectiles fly, hopefully knocking out health points in the process.

It’s a seamless process, and one that’s quite entertaining. The physics performed admirably—much better than any Angry Birds clone we’ve ever seen, though Navy Sink’EM can hardly be claimed as a straight copy. Likewise, the variety in weapons is nice (we especially liked the submarine’s curveball).

However, there’s a large bee in Navy Sink’EM’s bonnet, and sadly it’s the app’s reliance on multiplayer. There’s no real single player to speak of, and unless the user has friends already playing Navy Sink’EM, they’ll be SOL as far as gaming action goes. This is a shame, especially as the title is without Game Center matchmaking support.


Design and Graphics

Navy Sink'EM for iPhone

Navy Sink'EM for iPhone

Like the in-game physics, the graphics themselves look absolutely fantastic on the iPhone’s Retina display. The controls are seamless and touch-based, while the menus are easy to navigate, as well. It’s all the more reason to lament the lack of Game Center compatibility, as the graphics are prefect for online blasting.

As a promotional app for the Royal Navy, we actually enjoyed the extra ship information. It’s fun to get a sneak, if basic, peek at the department’s equipment, whether or not you’re Australian.

Overall Value

Considering Navy Sink’EM is free in the App Store, there’s no real reason not to give it a go. It won’t break the bank, and if you can find people online to play against, the app is a heck of a lot of fun. The graphics are great as well, making Navy Sink’EM easily worth the low price of entry.

Navy Sink'EMNavy Sink’EM requires iOS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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