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My Grandma Reads Me Books iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $4.99

Digital story books are a parent’s best friend. Not only do they free up clutter around the house, they save you money while firing your child’s imagination.

The latest high quality eBook we came across here at The iPhone App Review is the My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app from GreenLabel. This lovely story features unique digitized oil paintings and a whole host of extras sure to keep your kid engaged for hours.


Dig in to a touching tale about a little girl, Min-jeong and her grandmother, Gey-ok Shim, in the My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app.

Min-jeong loves her grandmother, but Grandma cannot read. So every night Min-jeong calls her grandmother and reads her a story until she falls asleep. A year later Gey-ok Shim surprises everybody at her 80th birthday party by reading the same story. Now she reads her granddaughter to sleep every night.

In addition to the story’s main subject, the hand drawn oil illustrations illuminate the story Min-jeong and Gey-ok Shim read.

The My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app teaches respect for elders, family values and other valuable lessons. It is also quite sweet and easy to read.

While there are not any interactive animations, as the story is told each picture book page scrolls through the illustration, keeping your child’s focus on the tale. This story is a home run for children.



My Grandma Reads Me Books iPhone App Review

My Grandma Reads Me Books

Extra features take this eBook to another level. Choose your reading style, whether you want to read along with the tale in English or Korean, read it to yourself, listen to a pre-recorded version of the story, or record your own audio to enjoy.

Then there are the games tucked into the app. A coloring activity illustrates the story of Min-jeong and Grandma’s favorite penguin and his quest to fly. There are also three puzzles to complete, with story tie ins and positive reinforcement.

User Interface:

The My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app packages the story and all the extras in a unique “bookkit” design. It organizes the read-only story, and links to the app’s games, audio files and other features as though they were a package being opened by your child.

On the left the story’s cover looks like a book tucked into a slot. On the right a microphone opens the app’s optional recording feature. There are similar links to the app’s puzzle games, audio recordings and coloring feature.

This unique approach to app organization is charming and mimics a hands-on book kit experience. The effect is charming.


During a special launch celebration the My Grandma Reads Me Books eBook and iPad app bundle is available at special pricing. For the first week the app will cost $.99. During the second week it will be $1.99, the third week $2.99, etc. until the book reaches its regular price of $4.99.

The wonderful story, delightful graphics and extra features make the My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app a great addition to your library.

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My Grandma Reads Me Books


My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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