Jelly Wars: Ancient Battle, Real Time Action

Jelly Wars iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $.99

Can you hold a grudge? How about aim flying balls of jelly like a pro? Then you’re ready to take on an interactive world where sling shot jellies have been battling for hundreds of years. You’ll love the new Jelly Wars iPhone app from Star Arcade Oy.

Concept & Gameplay:

During our iPhone app review we found out Jelly Wars is an app where you help adorable jellies fight an epic battle for planetary domination. It’s a pretty straightforward tale. Who knew such cute little guys could be so ruthless? Red jellies don’t like blue jellies. Blue jellies don’t like red jellies.

Thankfully an animated intro tells you the tale, and then it’s time to battle. If you’ve ever played a little game called Angry Birds you will not have any trouble getting the hang of the Jelly Wars iPhone app. The idea is to sling bouncing and sticking balls that explode at your opponent.

The closer your ball lands the more damage it does to the unfortunate jelly on the other side. You can also hit and destroy platforms, clouds and more. Dropping an enemy jelly into the water is another way to win the war.

All gameplay in the Jelly Wars iPhone app is done through Star Arcade’s online versus game mode. You play real people in real time. The best out of three rounds wins points.

It’s not a terribly original game play idea, but the familiar game style, bevy of different opponents and unique levels keep Jelly Wars interesting.


User Interface:

Jelly Wars iPhone App Review

Jelly Wars

During the game there are very few controls. Pulling your jelly back and letting them fly is controlled by a perfectly tuned touch interface.

On screen controls include volume toggle switch and a direct link to the Star Lobby where you can check your ranking and search for other players to challenge in epic jelly battle.

A message system could really improve the player interaction options. It’s a bit unclear if the players you see listed are currently online or if this is just a list of players in general.

Otherwise, you can simple press the play button to have an opponent randomly selected. It’s a bit impersonal, but there always seem to be players available.


Since the entire Jelly Wars iPhone app is played in Star Arcade’s online interface you must have an internet connection to play.

It also means registering for a Star Arcade account, which takes a few minutes and requires an active email account for confirmation. I detest having to do all of that for such a simple game. Thankfully there’s an auto log in feature for subsequent game play. Unfortunately I received quite a few sign in errors and actually had to uninstall and reinstall the application to get signed in more than once.

Playing random strangers also puts you at the mercy of their response time. If you get a slow opponent this could mean a long, boring game experience.

The Jelly Wars iPhone app could really use a versus computer mode or an option to play via Bluetooth and router with local friends.


For a special introductory period you can download the Jelly Wars iPhone app from iTunes at half price which is $.99. That’s pretty standard for a fun game that’s perfect for distracting gameplay. The fact that you have to have a data connection puts me off a bit.

A couple improvements could really make Jelly Wars shine, but it’s still a solid app.

Jelly Wars iPhone App QR Code

Jelly Wars


Jelly Wars iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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