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iSeekLaw iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

The unfortunate truth is, no matter how carefully you live your life you will need a lawyer someday. When that day comes make it easy to find the right lawyer with the iSeekLaw iPhone app from FeelSocial.

If you want to be prepared, or if you’re looking for a lawyer right now, pay special attention to our iPhone app review of iSeekLaw.


The iSeekLaw iPhone app uses 15 unique filters to connect you with the right lawyer for your issue, whether you’re in the market for a family lawyer or need personal injury help.

Allow the app to use your current GPS location or select the city you want to search. This app is all about precision.

On the step two screen you will choose the area of law you need help with. When in doubt choose the general practice filter. If you do choose a specialty there is often another filter option to clarify your choice.

Step three is particularly helpful if you are looking for a specific lawyer. You can search by name, age, gender or any one of the 14 additional filters on this page. Once you have results, tap on an entry to view details about the lawyer, including a phone number, website link and her career stats.

I love the idea behind this app. It definitely beats opening a phonebook or randomly picking a name from a list. Additional features include the ability to bookmark your favorite lawyers, browse law press releases and offers and a link to a blog.


User Interface:

iSeekLaw iPhone App Review


An easy to use bottom tab design, automatic filter progression and a set of polished graphics really take the iSeekLaw iPhone app up a notch.

The sleep blue, white and black UI is extremely clear with large letters. There aren’t really any fancy animations or characters in the app, but it’s not like lawyers are associated with clowns or anything. The sedate mood suits the app quite well.


Using the iSeekLaw iPhone app might be easy, but at the time of this review the lawyer database is a bit thin. I searched in six different major cities before I found any listings for lawyers. It looks like the app is still in development.

Also, I couldn’t find any content in the app’s blog section. Once the app gets fleshed out it will be awesome. In the meantime, its functionality is questionable.


It’s completely free to download and use the iSeekLaw iPhone app. It appears the app will be funded by selling sponsored lawyer spots. This is probably one of the most practical free apps I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even have ads in the true sense.

Prepare for the future. Download the iSeekLaw iPhone app. Next time you’re in trouble it might just be your best friend.

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iSeekLaw iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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