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iPolygon iPhone App Video Review

iPolygon for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

iPolygon, by developer infinityK, is an iPhone app somewhere between a Pong clone and a traditional brick breaker, only with a healthy dose of geometry thrown in, to boot. It’s a lethal combination, and one that’s loads of fun on both the iPhone and the iPad. The game is challenging, and short on in-app tutorials, but once the concept has been mastered, which our iPhone app review will help you with, hours of puzzling fun are sure to follow.

Concept and Gameplay

In iPolygon, users must bust and break the walls of their polygonal cell to pass on to the next level. To do this, they’ll need to direct and control a center orb, smashing it into point bubbles and wall-smashers known simply as “Pows.” Each pow turns the center ball into a spiked brick breaker that annihilates any walls it touches. Within each course, the polygon must be reduced to a single wall before the user is cleared to the next level.

It’s a fun concept, and one that’s enhanced by two different control modes. The first allows players to simply drag the polygon about with a finger, directing the central ball with the edges and corners. The second behaves similarly, only instead of using a finger, players must tilt the iPhone manually, making use of the device’s accelerometer. This can be tweaked in the options panel, but I found both engaging. That being said, I still tended to prefer the finger method, as rotating my iPhone very quickly became wearisome.

On that note, repetitiveness is certainly a problem where iPolygon is concerned. Because the same brick breaking concept is used throughout the game, there comes a point where an incentive to keep playing is hard to find. That’s not to say the title is boring: In fact, I found it quite fun. However, with no power-ups to speak of, nor any innovations other than different polygons, there’s just no fresh air to be found after thirty minutes of gameplay.


Design and Graphics

iPolygon for iPhone

iPolygon for iPhone

That being said, the app’s graphics are superb. I particularly enjoyed the stark minimalist design, as iPolygon has a heavy emphasis on black. The polygons themselves just popped, while the center ball and collectibles were clearly distinguished against the monochrome background.

iPolygon also comes with Game Center integration, which goes a long way toward adding replay value. I particularly appreciated the online leader boards, as I felt they added a much needed competitive edge to the app’s packaging. Still, some fresh innovations in gameplay (power-ups especially) would still be appreciated.

Overall Fun and Value

At the end of the day, iPolygon is an absolute steal, considering its free pricing in the App Store. The game is wickedly fun, and perfect for wasting a few moments in the queue. If you like action puzzlers for the iPhone and iPad, iPolygon will please in spades. And with future updates hopefully bringing even more content, there’s no reason not to give iPolygon a test drive!

iPolygoniPolygon requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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