Apple Invites Media to “Talk iPhone”

iPhone 5 rumor

News by Valerie Lauer

The gauntlets are down. Apple finally issued invites to an Oct. 4 press event with the thrilling, yet glaringly ambiguous note: “Let’s talk iPhone.”

iPhone 5 mania has literally worked the Web into a frenzy the past few weeks, with news outlets wringing every last ounce of juice from the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

Looking for the top projections? You’re in the right place. Here at The iPhone App Review we take pride in culling the juiciest tidbits of news about our favorite device and serving them up for you hot.

Feature Rumors

Some of the most substantial rumors include feature updates. Sony execs slipped the news about the new iPhone’s 8 MP camera upgrade earlier this year. That’s a hefty boost from the existing 5 MP camera on the iPhone 4. News about the iPhone 5’s A5 dual core processor is almost just as rusty.

Latest reports indicate Qualcomm will be supplying a chip to the iPhone in the future, though it is unclear if the chip will surface in the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6. This Qualcomm chip may be the first to bring payment to iPhone, with near-field communication technology (NFC).

NFC could link your stored iTunes payment data to fast-pay options. If you’re one of iTunes 200 million customers with credit card info stored to your account, buying your favorite Starbucks Mochachino or picking up a pack of gum could be a swipe of your iPhone away.

Other feature improvements are rumored to include extra RAM (possibly 1 GB), increased storage, a smaller battery with extended capabilities, an iCloud button, and a 4-inch OLED screen.


Carrier Wars

One of the all-important iPhone 5 questions remains. What carriers will support the iPhone 5?

A recent leaked screen shot from T Mobile quotes Chief Marketing Officer Cole Broadman as saying, “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year.” If the AT&T merger ever comes through, maybe T Mobile customers can get a shot at the device through their new parent company. One never knows.

Among other carriers, AT&T and Verizon have indicated they expect their users to be the proud owners of a new version of the iPhone in the near future. That’s not a big surprise. The dark horse might be Sprint.

Sprint execs have been universally ambiguous when it comes to the iPhone. In the past two weeks they have routinely given non-answers in public forums, neither confirming nor denying the possibility. The Wall Street Journal has been plugging the Sprint iPhone rumor since late August.

Design Concerns

Many top projections indicate Apple might be releasing an iPhone 4S. Indeed this would closely match their prior business model. Apple experienced solid success with their iPhone 3GS, poised at the launch of a new data network trend.

There are also rumors concerning delays in the assembly lines of a new teardrop shaped iPhone 5.

Needless to say we are all excited about the prospect of a new iPhone gracing our hands in the near future. Keep it tuned to The iPhone App Review for all the latest release news and, as always, all the apps.

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