Imitation: Adding Much Needed Spice To The Office Party Since 2011

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Imitation iPhone App Video Review

Imitation iPhone app

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Imitation, by developer MeadowBridge Apps is a unique gaming title for the iPhone that’s almost exclusively cool at parties, but possibly fun everywhere else, too. It’s an engaging experience, and though it’s not quite enough to hold its own for long, it’s the perfect companion to a night of partying —especially with more than five people. To top it off, all of the hilarity of this iPhone app is immediately ready for posting to Facebook, complete with tags.

Concept and Gameplay

My iPhone app review found that if Imitation is like anything else you’ve ever heard of, it’s most similar to the party game Telephone: You know, the one where a chain of people pass a phrase from ear to ear with only one go per person. The end result is a mismatched version of the original statement, ensuring hilarity ensues, and everyone has a good time.

Imitation’s is a similar concept, only instead of passing a phrase from individual to individual, players pass one sorry sap’s iPhone. The first player makes a face, and uses Imitation to take a snapshot of it. He then passes the chosen iDevice to the next person, who can view the face once (or as many times as defined under the settings) before attempting their own imitation of it. When they’ve got a facial contortion they’re happy with, they snap a second image and move on. The chain continues all the way up to 12 people—or however many mates under that you’ve got milling about, really—and when all is said and done, the entire chain can be viewed for a gas.

The results are frequently entertaining, and always humorous. Imitation also understands your burning need to post the end sequence to the Web for peer review: The app features full integration with Facebook, making it a cinch to post your pictures straight to your profile, complete with tags. All in all, it’s a tight package, and one we found particularly engaging.

Imitation iPhone app

Imitation iPhone app

Design and Layout

We also enjoyed Imitation’s 1950s sensibility and retro graphics set. Likewise, we appreciated the option to change the image filter from the original setting to sepia or black and white. That being said, we’re a bit concerned about Imitation’s lasting value: The app is ace as a novelty party piece, but you won’t really be using it much during the morning commute. Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily. Just be sure to have your expectations set before diving in.

Overall Value

No matter how you slice it, Imitation offers a lot of party potential for not a lot of dough. The app could easily add some spice to a dull fiesta, and with easy Facebook integration (Twitter would have been nice, too, lads) there’s not much to lose by giving it a test drive.

Imitation requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “Imitation: Adding Much Needed Spice To The Office Party Since 2011”

  1. MeadowBridge Apps here. Thanks for the review! We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

    We’d like to add that this app is a Universal app, and that it also plays great on the iPad 2.

    Twitter integration is next on our list of planned features to implement, and we hope to have that update out as soon as we can!

    Please check out our launch video at

  2. Erica B says:

    Thanks for the review! Not an app I might have downloaded normally except after reading the review I decided to try it while stuck in a line for a concert. SO much fun! Who knew? We got a whole group of people in the line to play with us and it really was hilarious. For only a buck we made some new friends and passed an hour-long wait really quickly! Would definitely recommend trying this out with strangers like we did. Perfect ice breaker.

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