iDuhKnow Brings Creepy Trivia To Your Doorstep

iDuhKnow - The Illusion Factory

iDuhKnow for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: Free

Are you looking for the next greatest (and positively creepiest) trivia experience on the iPhone and iPad? Do you also want that gem to have pseudo-augmented reality aspects and killer graphics? If so, then you’re in luck, you specific geek you! iDuhKnow, by developer Illusion Factory, fits the bill to a tee, offering a truly unique trivia-based concept on the iPhone and iPad.

Concept and Functionality

iDuhKnow is the kind of app that sounds a bit kinky at first, but still yields a completely engaging gaming experience. The app has players trapped in a room with large murals splattered across the walls. At the front of the room, a large board instructs players on what to do. These instructions come in one of two colors: Red, which means the instruction must be followed at all costs, and white, which means the instruction must be followed unless one of those poxy red sentences supersedes it.

The instructions themselves ask the player to do a myriad of things, most of which include clicking on the appropriate chain of photographs. The requests range from not clicking on an unspecified picture to selecting the proper Bruce Willis film out of the line-up using only a vague hint.

To make their selections, players must tilt the iPhone or iPad around like a madman, craning their necks and twisting in a full 360-degrees. iDuhKnow is not a fully functional AR (augmented reality) game, though, at least not in the sense of, say, Duck Hunter AR. Rather, the app uses the device’s accelerometer to track the user’s movements, causing the screen to rotate about as if the player were actually looking around the room. It’s a unique concept, and considering how large the room feels, it’s a downright creepy one.


Graphics and Design

iDuhKnow for iPhone

iDuhKnow for iPhone

The graphics themselves are top-notch, reminding me of classic Nintendo 64 titles. The accelerometer functionality also works fairly and due to the joystick control options, navigating the app was a breeze.

Unfortunately, there’s no Game Center integration, which would have made the game’s running timer all the more important via online leader boards and achievements.

Overall Value

Considering iDuhKnow is a free app in the App Store, it’s hard to argue with the game’s tremendous value. If you’re looking for a unique trivia experience for the iPhone or iPad, the game will fill your expectations in spades. It’s not the easiest game to control (the combination of joystick and accelerometer takes some getting used to) but iDuhKnow is easily worth the time it takes to test drive.

iDuhKnowiDuhKnow requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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