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Head Booth - a fun photo hair and face makeover app that will make you hot - or not! - Iconic Apps

Price: $ .99

Head Booth iPhone App Video Review

Head Booth for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re looking for a fun new photo manipulation iPhone app, especially one with a hairy twist, then you’re in luck: Head Booth, by developer Iconic Apps, will fit the bill and satisfy your photo booth needs. The iPhone app makes it fun to try out fresh hairstyles, and though it’s more of a novelty than a professional piece of styling software, it’s still a hoot and a half, which is what we had during the iPhone app review!

Concept and Functionality

Head Booth fits the description for a classic photo manipulation entertainment iPhone app to the letter: Within the application, users are free to add photos from the stock camera app, or load images from the Camera Roll. Once booted, these pictures are scaled to fit, before being shoved into a faceless collection of 35 different hairstyles.

If that sounds confusing, just think about those plywood cut-outs you see at fairs all the time, the kind with a hole where the face goes. Head Booth offers the same concept, only ported to the iPhone’s smaller, and less wooden screen.

Users are given full control over the color, rotation, and scale of their images. This allows for greater precision when matching the reference shot to the faceless, entertaining image. All in all, Head Booth performed admirably as far as combining the two, and I was able to achieve some truly hilarious results.

However, the app was certainly sluggish, and crashed often on an iPod touch (latest generation.) I found this particularly bothersome, especially as the app crashed most often when I went to adjust a color slider or rotator knob: Two very important elements of the app’s design.

That being said, saving my photos to the camera roll was a cinch, though there’s currently no integration with Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, drastically reducing the lasting entertainment value of the app. It’s a shame none of these services are offered, especially as the end results are often quite Internet worthy.


Design and Layout

Head Booth for iPhone

Head Booth for iPhone

Head Booth comes stock with one of the slickest interfaces we’ve ever seen in a photo entertainment app. The icons are rough and edgy, but in a way that’s very visually pleasing. Likewise, controls are intuitive and easily managed via touch.

However, I would have appreciated more cropping controls when loading my pictures from the Photo Gallery. It’s currently a very imprecise process, and a little more finesse would help the final product to be that much more sturdy.

Overall Value

Clocking in at a dollar, Head Booth is certainly worth its weight in giggles—when it works, that is. If you’re a fan of the genre, you won’t be disappointed with the app’s goofy images. It’s a novelty, and an inexpensive one at that. What more can a goofy iDevice owner ask for? Check out their Twitter page!/IconicApps for details on this and other great Iconic Apps.

Head BoothHead Booth requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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