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Happi Reads - A Learn to Read Game for Kids by Happi Papi - Serendipity

Happi Reads iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $.99

There’s no reason for learning to be a chore with the Happi Reads iPhone app from children’s app developer Serendipity.


Our iPhone app review of Happi Reads made it obvious: the best way to learn is through rewards and gameplay fun.

In this iPhone app, also available for the iPad,  young readers are encouraged to sound out a word they are given. Once they know the word, it’s time to touch the corresponding picture from the three images displayed on the page.

After they get six words correct, children can help the app’s snail guide snack on yummy fruit on a fun interactive screen.

There are three different levels featuring 80 words in the Happi Reads iPhone app, so there’s a lot to learn. A pleasant soundtrack and a quick round of applause for each correct answer help round out the app.

Happi Reads is not the most robust reader iPhone app, but they do have rewards in place for learners. The developer calls this “edutainment.”

A few things could improve the app, including the option to choose which level you want to start with, and more bonus screens and games for getting words correct. I found Happi Reads almost too simple. Kids are hungry for fun. Why not give it to them?


Educational Factor:

Happi Reads iPhone App Review

Happi Reads

I think Happi Reads is for a specific level of learner. Your child should already have a basic understanding of letters and the sounds they make before they try this iOS app.

There is no word audio in this app to reiterate the sounds or help your child along. If they guess a word incorrectly they are not given a second chance to guess. I think audio reinforcement could add a lot to this iPhone app and hope developers consider adding it in the future.

Otherwise, I do approve of the visual representations to help drive the meaning of words home. It’s just not a complete learning experience.

Layout & Design:

The Happi Reads iPhone app is perfectly simple, making it ideal for kids. There are no messy settings menus, and there is no chance of any accidental in app purchases.

The only controls in this game are the toggle buttons for audio and word capitalization. The mini game and word game are all controlled with simple, single touches.

I reviewed Happi Reads on the iPhone, but it’s worth mentioning that this app functions perfectly on the iPad as well, making it even more accessible and convenient.  It’s perfect for kids, and will definitely keep them on task.


I think it will be easy to encourage your learner to love reading with the Happi Reads iPhone app. This app is perfect for parents and educators who want to give their students an extra boost in reading education.

At just $.99 for the iPhone, or $1.99 for the iPad (both versions contain the same content), Happi Reads won’t break the bank either.

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Happi Reads


Happi Reads iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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