FreeAppWin: Acts Like A Lottery But Is Hardly A Gamble

FreeAppWin for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: Free

If you’re bored of plain old AppShopper and want something with a bit more tantalizing meat on it, then FreeAppWin iPhone app, via TapGen Corp. is easily your next greatest stop. The iPhone app combines free giveaways with promoted apps and loads of reduced price offerings available in the App Store. Combined with a killer interface (not to mention more sweepstakes than one can shake a stick at) FreeAppWin is certainly a neat way to save money and potentially win some in return.

Concept and Functionality

My iPhone app review found that if FreeAppWin can be said to be anything, it’s somewhere between a digital billboard and an instant lottery, offering heaps of promoted iPhone apps (some free, some not) for the user to browse through, as well as multiple contests with real cash prizes. In this sense, FreeAppWin is most similar to other App Store crawlers like App Shopper, making it easy to find apps that have been reduced in price, or are free for a limited time only. However, the iPhone app also comes with several categories of promoted apps, some of which are pretty good, and might have been overlooked otherwise.

However, the main focus of FreeAppWin is its giveaways. At press time, the app comes with three different developer supported giveaways that users can enter daily, weekly, and monthly. There’s no charge to cast your ballot, and some of the cash payouts can be as much as $200. Users don’t even have to leave the app to enter a contest. In case of hesitation, though, there’s also a tab devoted to the comments of previous winners. If you’d like to tell your mates about the contests, there’s also a share to Facebook, Twitter, and email option.


Design and Layout

FreeAppWin for iPhone

FreeAppWin for iPhone

All in all, we’ve been hearing good things about FreeAppWin from the community. We think it’s a functional way to find new and exciting apps, but we have a feeling most users will be more focused on the winnings. Either way, it seems as if the developers actually pay out, and often, to boot.

We also greatly appreciated the app’s stellar design. FreeAppWin features a woodblock shelf of applications that helps to keep things divided. This shelf can be scrolled through at will, making it simple to find new apps, which are arranged like springboard icons. Clicking any of them returns extra app information, as well as a link to iTunes. It’s quick, efficient, and it looks gorgeous.

We would have liked to see a few more filters as far as the apps go, though: The option to search for new, free, or low-priced apps would be greatly appreciated.

Overall Value

FreeAppWin is free in the App Store, and comes with a free chance to win real money: If that sounds worth pursuing (And we sure as heck think it does!) then head on over to iTunes and pick up this iPhone App Review recommended app. Although some personal information is required, as it would then be needed in order to contact a winner of a prize, the developer does state that they do not use the information in any other capacity, nor do they disclose the information to third parties.

Free App WinFreeAppWin requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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