First Light: Find a Happier Way to Start the Day

Price: $.99

First Light iPhone App Video Review

First Light iPhone App Review
Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Looking for a bright new way to begin each day plugged in and on task? The recently rennovated First Light iPhone app from Jumbuck Entertainment might be the ticket.


According to a May 2011 study, 35 percent of smartphone owners access apps before getting out of bed. During our iPhone app review we found out the folks who created First Light are banking on it.

First Light is an alarm clock app that gives you a customized wake up experience. Want to wake up to your favorite radio station? The First Light iPhone app has you covered. What about instant access to your social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook? Yup, it can do that too.

The app also puts your daily calendar front and center, so you know what today has in store for you before setting foot out of bed. Weather reports, a clock and access to your iTunes music is all there too.

The First Light iPhone app reminds me of the iHome series of apps. It’s like a custom morning homepage you don’t have to wait on. This app is instant gratification at its best.


User Interface:

First Light iPhone App Review

First Light

Any app that packs all that data in one spot and expects groggy folks to be able to navigate it needs a firm hand in the organization department. I’m pretty impressed with the sleek UI on the First Light iPhone app.

Data is organized into two main pages. Dedicated links to the app’s clock, weather and settings are located at the top of the screen. Feeds and music dominate the majority of the page and you can navigate between them with arrows at the bottom of the screen.

I wish the transition between the home screens was a bit easier. A simple scroll feature would make it much simpler to see what you’re after.

The settings menu has a side tab design. You have to click on an icon to see its associated settings. There’s also a trick to accessing and getting out of the app’s night mode. Use two fingers to scroll down the screen to access it. Then use one finger scrolling up and down the screen to adjust its brightness.

Bottom line: First Light has a unique and interesting set up, but it takes some getting used to. Practice before you make it your go-to morning app.


One of my favorite features of the First Light iPhone app is that it’s a great value. All of this app’s features are available when you download it in iTunes for $.99. That’s a whole lot cheaper than buying an iHome machine and an iHome app.

It’s also a global app, meaning users in Italy, the UK and the US will all find it user friendly.

Despite my reservations about the app’s execution, it is still quite a bargain if you’re looking for a pleasant app to wake up to.

First Light iPhone App QR Code

First Light


First Light iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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