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Currency Banknotes iPhone App Video Review

Currency Banknotes

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Traveling abroad can be a real pain in the derriere when money enters the picture. Even worse is having to move out of the country and convert all that cash you’ve been saving into the local flavor of dinero. No matter how you slice, converting currency just isn’t fun. Thankfully, you can buy Currency Banknotes, by developer TechiXoft, to help smooth out the kinks. The iPhone app offers a quick way to convert currency on the go, simplifying the process of traveling or moving abroad.

Concept and Functionality

As we found in the iPhone app review, Currency Banknotes has one goal and one goal alone: To help you convert your native currency into just about every other banknote there is. The iPhone app does this via an easy-to-navigate conversion screen that can be customized to match any monetary system you require. Currency Banknotes supports over 150 different global currencies, making even the strangest of conversions a reality.

Users can specify certain systems that they’re after, but there’s also a quick comparison button that converts a set amount between 10 of the world’s most-used currencies. On this list are important offerings like the British Pound, the Australian Dollar, and the United States Dollar, as well as more local (but still major) systems like the Canadian Dollar.

Currency Banknotes also comes with copious banknote images. If you’ve ever wondered what the Angola Kwanza looks like, the app has a picture for each and every banknote. These pictures can also be zoomed in upon for further inspection. This is most useful for learning by sight each denomination of a system: A feature that greatly simplifies making purchases while abroad.

Currency Banknotes does require an Internet connection, which is a bit of a drag for the web-deprived traveler. That being said, this means the conversion rates the app uses are fresh and updated, as they’re coming from the world wide web. In essence, it’s a trade between being able to create conversions in a potentially foreign (and cell-less environment) and do them accurately.


Currency Banknotes

Currency Banknotes

Design and Layout

Making conversions with Currency Banknotes could not be simpler. Users merely tap the open field, enter the amount of their current currency, and hit the green button. The app does the rest, returning accurate results for each entry.

Likewise, the tabbed navigational controls make it simple to jump from feature to feature, while the image viewer’s arrowed browsing works like a charm. It’s a solid offering, and one that works best in a pinch.

Overall Value

That being said, all of Currency Banknotes’ features are currently available via Google for free. However, the convenience of a dollar app with this much functionality is hard to argue with. If you do a lot of international travel, Currency Banknotes is a must-have. If you’re just on holiday, the app is certainly a good idea, though maybe not a necessity.

Currency BanknotesCurrency Banknotes requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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