Blame: For When You Need A Scapegoat, But Can’t Decide Who

Blame! - Fjapps

Blame fo iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $1.99

Blame, by developer Fjapps, is certainly a unique one: It offers the ability to blame just about anyone in your address book for just about anything you can think, solving any unresolved issues in a matter of minutes. With quick exporting to Facebook and email, it’s never been easier to point a digital finger. The need for the iPhone app is debatable, but it’s a fun offering, nonetheless. Check below for our full iPhone app review of Blame—and don’t forget to have your alibis ready!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, Blame offers the kind of functionality you may not have known you needed, but could possibly find a niche for in your daily life. The iPhone app allows users to add people from their address book to contact groups. Once contacts have been added, the user simply needs to specify a thorn in their side: The app requests that purchasers create reasons for their discomfort. Once a grievance is listed, the “Wheel of Blame,” which is essentially an evenly divided chart of all the chosen contacts, is spun. Whichever sorry sap is landed upon gets the full brunt of the blame.

Once a finger has been pointed, the results can be immediately posted to Facebook for the whole world to see. So, if you happen to peg your mate Steve for a party foul, it’s a one-two hop to get that information straight to the world’s biggest social networking medium. Sadly, there’s currently no support for my beloved Twitter, though users can export their findings via email, which is certainly better than nothing.

There’s also a fair amount of customization offered where Blame is concerned. The background of the “Wheel of Shame” can be modified to reflect the user’s tastes, while the various contact groups created can also be stuck with a photo. Even cooler, the app keeps a running track of blameful statistics, counting each time a contact is blamed, and for what.


Blame fo iPhone

Blame fo iPhone

Design and Layout

Blame keeps things simple, offering what is essentially a stock iOS elements affair. Tabbed lists allow users to swap between blame groups, while the quick blame option makes it easy to cast your wrath at a specified group of people in a pinch. The app played well with the address book, and I had no problem exporting my results to Facebook. That being said, adding even more social networking integration would be a tremendous boon.

Overall Value

Blame is certainly a fun concept, and one that’s guaranteed to entertain for at least an half hour. That being said, the app is a tad pricy, clocking in at $1.99 in the App Store. Though this is slightly higher than we’d like, the fun offered inside Blame’s walls is potentially worth the price of entry. If the concept sounds like a hoot, give the app a test run.

Blame for iPhoneBlame requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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