Can an App Make Your Baby Smarter? Baby Symbolizer for iPhone Says Yes

Price: $.99

Baby Symbolizer iPhone App Video Review

Baby Symbolizer iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

We want the best for our children. That includes caring for and educating them with the greatest care. Now developing those mental muscles can start from day one with the Baby Symbolizer iPhone app from developer iPercepToolz, Inc.

Whether you’re looking for an app to sooth a fussy newborn or want to encourage brain cell myelination, smart parents will want to pay attention to our iPhone app review of Baby Symbolizer.


The Baby Symbolizer iPhone app is a collection of 34 interactive images created to engage infant minds.

Instead of the typical soft pastel shades, Baby Symbolizer utilizes over 40 years of research about infant perception to put sharp images of black, white and red in your children’s hands. Research has shown that these colors and specific types of shapes are more stimulating for children under the age of 2.

There are two different modes in Baby Symbolizer. Slideshow mode scrolls through the app’s images. You can adjust the time each slide is displayed, sound settings and set a timer for the slideshow mode in the app’s settings.

The Baby Symbolizer iPhone app’s interactive mode is more suited for hands on fun. It puts 12 of the app’s images on screen. Touching any symbol inverts the colors and plays the symbol’s correlating sound. Touching and holding any image for three seconds launches a full sized version of the image, which can then be touched for more interactive fun.

There are also several amazing research and reference sections in this app with everything from helpful links for new parents to technical explanations of the app’s purpose. There are even quotes from the studies developers used to guide the app’s creation. The app can be optimized in English or Spanish, increasing its cross cultural appeal.


Practical Application:

Baby Symbolizer iPhone App Review

Baby Symbolizer

While the Baby Symbolizer iPhone app may not seem like the most interesting app to us, special care went in to creating an app that will dazzle your infant.

On a practical level, you can use Baby Symbolizer to entertain a fussy baby with fun sounds and shapes specifically designed to draw and keep their attention. The app functions perfectly on the iPad 2, making it an ideal size for this purpose.

Baby Symbolizer has already been proven to help expand your child’s attention span when used on a regular basis. Additional functionality such as a timer and the app’s interactive properties give it a broad appeal for infants up to the age of 2.

I think parents will love this app. Baby Symbolizer can help restore the peace and improve your child’s nerve pathways. What’s not to love?

User Interface:

Baby Symbolizer is an app that will probably end up in your very young child’s hands, so it is predictably simple and easy to use.

The app controls are extremely straightforward. Simply touch the correct shape to launch your preferred app mode. Settings and research are tucked into another shape on the main page. They are displayed in typical iPhone fashion, so even busy parents will be able to navigate the menus quickly.


The Baby Symbolizer iPhone app costs $.99 in iTunes. That’s a complete steal considering the extensive research and thought that went into this app.When you consider the long term benefits, I don’t think parents can afford to skip it.

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Baby Symbolizer


Baby Symbolizer iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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