Angry Frogs Puts a New Twist on Everybody’s Favorite Game

Angry Frogs iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

If you have an iPhone, chances are you’ve played Angry Birds. I know what you’re thinking. Major yawn. That whole birds who destroy pigs scene is so over. Enter the Angry Frogs iPhone app from Emanuele Padula.

If you’re looking for developers who are just as devoted to a game as their fans, you’ll love our iPhone app review of Angry Frogs.


Alright, I’ll admit it. If you like Angry Birds, you’re going to like Angry Frogs. The idea is to use a slingshot to shoot frogs (who just happen to be angry, of course) at evil snakes who populate the land.

The Angry Frogs iPhone app sets itself apart with more. There are more frog powers (13 in all), more slingshots per board, and, most impressively, more game levels. At the time of this review there were 3238 levels in the Angry Frogs app.

Yeah, that was not a typo. Angry Frogs currently has 3238 levels. This is dead serious. If you like this game you can get more levels at no cost on a daily basis. There are also constant improvements to existing levels.

I’m blown away by the quantity of fun packed in this app. In this case quantity makes up for an unoriginal idea. The game is simple to play but progressively more challenging. There’s also a built in global leader board sure to rev up your competitive drive.

Unfortunately there is no story line to add a little fun to the game. That is my only gameplay complaint.


Layout & Design:

Angry Frogs iPhone App Review

Angry Frogs

Stylistically the Angry Frogs app is pretty simple. Levels are organized in groups of 500 and then further separated in groups of 50. This is quite practical, since there are so many levels, but there’s nothing exciting about the layout or the design. Would thinking up a few cute names and designing fun buttons kill them?

Obviously the focus of this app is on the gameplay, not the design. The lack of embellishment doesn’t make the game any less fun, and at least it’s easy to navigate the app.


I made it through dozen levels during my iPhone app review process, and am happy to announce they all worked perfectly. It looks like the developers of Angry Frogs are constantly improving existing levels. My daily update to check for new levels included several level revamps as well.

Like Angry Birds, in the Angry Frogs iPhone app you must complete a level successfully to unlock the next one. There is no skipping around, so if you want to play you need some time on your hands and a bit of patience.

It’s worth the wait. This app is serious fun and I am definitely hooked.


Here at The iPhone App Review we looked at the free version of Angry Frogs. That’s right, all that magnificent gameplay can be yours for the startling price of nada. There are occasional ads that pop up and dominate the entire screen that you must watch for several seconds before getting back to the game.

But if you don’t want to mess with them, the full version of the app is just $.99. And that’s what we call still winning.

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Angry Frogs


Angry Frogs iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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