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Alien Raid for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

Alien Raid iPhone app, by developer Wizdom Studio, is a unique take on classic tower defense for the iPhone, mixing in elements of a physics puzzler alongside top-notch cartoon graphics. The app brings a lot of innovation to a genre not known for its progressiveness, and considering it’s priced so sweetly at the one dollar range, Alien Raid is a near perfect addition to any fan’s iPhone.

Concept and Gameplay

At first blush, Alien Raid would appear to be yet another tower defense game for the iPhone. But, our iPhone app review uncovered that it features the typical side-scrolling battlefield, along which enemies march from the left towards a point at the far end: A point the player must desperately attempt to defend if he ever wants to see the later levels. There’s a multitude of enemy units to blast away at, and likewise, the player has an arsenal of home troops to choose from. The more the player plays, the more items, creatures, and levels are unlocked.

However, the Alien Raid iPhone app goes one farther than just offering a stock tower defense experience. Rather than slapping out troops and then letting them do all the dirty work, the app has players pulling forward on each unit, à la Angry Birds in reverse. When released, home troops shoot projectiles along the path specified by the user. It’s a neat physics twist that livens up the total package nicely. It’s also a brilliant piece of innovation that prevents the app from being just another Plants vs. Zombies clone, a fact we appreciated immensely. Having to flick bullets out precisely while an enemy onslaught is fast approaching creates a tense atmosphere that promotes mad-finger flicking fun like a politician promotes himself: That is to say a lot.

We also appreciated the wide variety of unlockable units and levels. There’s more than enough content here to fill a month of long commutes, while the varied unit types make strategy a vital—and wickedly fun—necessity.


Design and Graphics

Alien Raid for iPhone

Alien Raid for iPhone

Alien Raid’s graphics reminded us a lot of Home World, but if that classic title had been reworked with modern, cartoony graphics. All in all, it’s a pleasant package, and one we’re proud to have looked at for so long. The units are crisp, and the plentiful animations (both in and out of the game itself) add a lot of flair to the title. The developer’s have spent a lot of time making Alien Raid look good, and the end result is a beautiful piece of iOS art.

Overall Value

Alien Raid is priced at our favorite $ .99 point in the App Store, meaning it costs less than a latte to enjoy the game’s stellar tower defense action. If you’re a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to give Alien Raid a go, especially if you’re also a fan of iPhone physics puzzlers.

Alien RaidAlien Raid requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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