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HDX: Sounds Like An 80’s Metal Band, Games Like an Arcade Title

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: If you’re looking for a quick spot of classic arcade shooting on the iPhone, HDX (that’s Home Defender X) by L1Games has enough baddie blasting action to tickle your pickle five ways to Sunday. It’s not yet a complete package (the lack of online leader boards is particularly bothersome) but it’s […]


Unlimited Streaming Service Rdio Takes on iPad, and iTunes Tax

TweetOne of the most popular iOS streaming services, Rdio, recently launched an iPad optimized version of their app. The move sounds like a no brainer. Rdio execs admit that an iPad app is their most frequent request. The App The good news is that the iPad app has all of the awesome features users loved […]


Livewell: Catch, Weight And Journal, Then Release

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating:  Livewell, by IntiumFive, provides a quick, convenient, and snappy way to journal your fishing conquests while in the field. Its robust feature set, simple interface, and superb cataloging capabilities make it a killer addition to your tackle box. The price is a bit high, and the app currently only supports freshwater […]