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Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

TweetThe first breath of Autumn air rolls in, and we’re still covered in heaps of iPhone app reviews! It was a great week for us here at the iPhone App Review, and we’ve got your obligatory Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week ready to roll! Before we dive in, though, have a […]


Country Fry Your Infestations With Swamp Defense

Tweet Price: $ .99 Swamp Defense, by developer Entwickler-X, offers a rock-solid tower defense experience on the iPhone and iPad. The game’s country theme and unique units keep the action engaging, and though the title isn’t the most innovative entry into the genre we’ve ever seen, it offers enough fresh content to keep the ball […]


Pull the Ultimate Prank with iCrack

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: If there’s a friend you’ve been dying to pull a prank on, listen up. This iPhone app review is of iCrack from Allapps, an app that simulates a broken screen on your iPhone complete with realistic sound and crack progression. So if you’ve always wanted to punk your pals just like (pre-Demi) Ashton Kutcher, read up. […]