Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

What a week it’s been here at the iPhone App Review! We’ve been cranking out ratings like middle-aged women watching Say Yes to the Dress, but we aren’t finished just yet: Take a sneak peek at some of the cool apps we covered this week, then dive into our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

This week we got all astrological with HoroscopeOne, scrapbook creative with Visualize, and down and dirty with All Soccer Colors. We even took a trip to Kauai with Kauai Revealed, and did our snakiest with Sneaky Snake.

That’s it for our weekly wrap-up, but don’t touch that dial! The weekly roundup is only just beginning.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week



Photovine – Free

Google’s long-awaited Photovine application is finally out of closed beta, and has been officially released into the wide and wild App Store. This photo-sharing app by the Big G is currently only available for the iPhone, rather than Android, but we aren’t too particularly miffed about that: Our friends over at Android Apps Review, however, may feel differently.

Regardless, Photovine is certainly worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of apps like Instagram or Pool Party. The title supports living “vines” of photos that start with a title and a caption, and grow as you and others add pics to the mix. It’s a neat way to share photos, and as it comes with full Facebook and Twitter support, you can post new images while still simultaneously annoying the hell out of your friends.

Google Catalogs for iPad

Google Catalogs for iPad

Google Catalogs – Free

Also fresh from Google this week is Google Catalogs, a shopping app designed for the iPad’s spacious screen real estate. The title features a wealth of different products and a variety of items, including beauty products, jewelry, home goods, gifts, and just plain clothes.

Products come from a wide number of shops as well, ranging from Urban Outfitters to Sephora, to Macy’s and Nordstrom. With rich media and easy browsing, Google has made it a cinch to peep a new armchair, or ogle a new swimsuit without leaving the house. With one-click purchasing, it’s equally as simple to obtain the items you covet. Google claims the app is unisex, but we have to admit, it looks like the ladies will be getting the most out of this one for a while to come.




Snooze – Free

Let’s face it: We’re all a bunch of lazy slobs that love to hit the snooze button. No matter how you slice it, you like to sleep in. With Snooze, though, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This unique iPhone app takes each slap of the snooze button and turns it into an opportunity to donate to charity. The app is first and foremost an alarm clock for iOS (and a darn good looking one, too) but it also tracks each hit and offers twice a month to help you donate $ .25 per strike to a certified charity. Snooze does all the work for you, while you do all the sleeping. And at the end of the day, it’s not just you that’s winning out, but the entire planet.

The World by National Geographic

The World by National Geographic

The World by National Geographic – $3.99

We aren’t afraid to admit it: Globes are freaking cool. There’s nothing neater than being able to hold the entire planet in your hand, and watch it spin about, all that blue and green and text just floating there. National Geographic understands our predilections, and to help us out, they’ve created the four dollar gem that is The World.

The World is essentially just Google Maps rewritten as a globe. Users are free to spin the world around however they like, taking a gander at all the countries in turn and poking at the ones they actually recognize. The app also comes with a comprehensive flag book, and pictures of some of the coolest spots on the planet. It’s not a complete encyclopedia, nor is it half as useful as Google Maps, but for four dollars, a better diversion is hard to find.




MiniMash – $1.99

Listen up, wannabe deejays! There’s a new heavy-hitter in town, and it’s two dollar price tag and cool demeanor make it one of the easiest, neatest, and slickest deejaying apps available for the iPhone.

MiniMash offers the same functionality as more professional deejaying apps available for iOS (looking at you, djay) but with a “for dummies” approach. The app simplifies the layout, provides automatic beat-matching and pitch-syncing technology, and helps you make beats like a pro without any of the learning curve. Some might call it cheating: We call it cheap fun. This ain’t a tool for industry veterans, but if you want to make a quick Ke$ha/Frank Sinatra mash-up, now’s your chance.


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