Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

The summer starts to roll out, and the apps just keep rolling in. As always, it’s been a heck of a week here at the iPhone App Review! We’ve covered a plethora of killer apps, and we’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad apps of the week ready to go. But before we dive into the meat and potatoes, here’s a sneak peek at some of the cool apps we covered this week!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

As always, it was a great week for games: We covered the geography-based trivia fun of GeoGames World Series, as well as the horror puzzler that is Ellie. Not to mention the undead Angry Birds clone Zombies in Flight.

We also showed you how to get at the nuts and bolts of your iDevice using System Status and SYS Activity Manager: Both apps offer a brilliantly graphical way to get at your iPhone’s inner workings. And to top it all off, we even helped you get organized with TaskRabbit.

That’s it for the weekend wrapup, but don’t touch that dial! We’ve got your Top 5 Apps of the Week coming up just after the break!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week




Converse – $4.99

Converse is a five dollar gem that makes communicating while traveling in a foreign country as easy as owning an iPad. With the app, it’s blissfully simple to communicate in a language you don’t know, saving time and embarrassment.

The app acts as a split keyboard communicator: You type what you want to say into one end, and the translated results are produced on the other side. The train goes both ways, creating an instant messenger-esque typing experience that allows you to communicate with anyone that can use a keyboard. The translations are as decent as you’d expect, but when traveling abroad, Converse is certainly better than nothing.


123D Sculpt

123D Sculpt

123D Sculpt – Free

This app, by AutoCAD giant Autodesk brings wicked fun clay sculpting to the iPad. 123D Sculpt features a touch-based interface that makes it easy to pull, pinch, rub and smooth clay figures into whatever shape you desire.

It’s a real showcase of the iPad’s touch-oriented art potential, and the 3D models created really are quite good. The included painting effects allow you to add some color to your creations, and with exporting to the photo gallery, you’re masterpieces are safe for the long haul. You can even create iMovie turntables of your work, making it easier than ever to harass your friends with your best Johnny Cash sculpture.


Street Tag

Street Tag

Street Tag – Free

Street Tag is a free iPhone app that really brings out the urban hooligan in you. The app allows users to virtually spray tag any surface they can see with their iDevice’s camera. Literally any wall, roof, or billboard can be tagged with your own graffiti, and then saved via geo-tag for others to see later.

It’s a unique combination of art and augmented reality, and the experience offered pushes the boundaries of what an iPhone can accomplish in the public space. If you’re a seasoned tagger, or just someone looking to give the virtual joys of it a whirl, Street Tag’s free price tag comes as a no-excuses reason to get cracking.


Photo Stats

Photo Stats

Photo Stats – $ .99

Photo Stats takes all those snapshots you’ve acquired on your iPhone and creates something cool and infographical out of them. The end result is a barrage of graphs detailing everything you ever wanted to know about your photo history. The whole arrives in a slick package to boot, creating a fun and sleek infographic experience.

Photo Stats peruses your photo gallery and trolls it for as much information as it can get. It then displays that information in a myriad of graphs that list your photos’ time of day, location of origin, etc. It’s a nifty concept, and one that looks wicked cool with the app’s cutesy Web 2.0 graphics.



Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger – Free

Finally, Facebook has released an official messenger client for the iPhone. Now you can take your social networking woes on the go, porting those all-important Facebook conversations in your pocket.

Being an official Facebook offering, the app is every bit as solid as you’d hope it would be. Messages roll in smoothly, and with mobile notifications, you’ll never miss a beat. You can also geo-tag your location to help friends find you in a jiffy. On top of that, you can even throw in a couple photos while you’re on the go. Truly, Facebook-ing while on the go has never been easier, and maintaining distance from your digital social life never harder. Good luck, Pioneer: It’s a wide, blue-studded world out there.



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