Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Summer just keeps winding down (Is that a cool Autumn breeze we feel?) but we aren’t stopping with the app reviews, no sir! We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week lined up and ready to go, but before that train pulls in, why not window shop some of the fun reviews we covered this week?

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

We helped you get your fief on with Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, and we also taught you how to bartend with Formula, and track bands like a true fan with AlbumTrackr.

That’s it for our sneak peek at this week’s reviews, but don’t touch that dial! We’ve got your Top 5 just after the break!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Post-it PopNotes

Post-it PopNotes

Post-it PopNotes – Free

If you’re anything like us, you already love Post-it notes. If you’re even closer to being like our app-ridden selves, then you won’t need much of an excuse to love Post-it PopNotes, either. The title makes note taking from your iPhone innovative again, adding GPS functionality and time-based reminders to the mix.

With Post-it PopNotes users can create sticky notes for specific locations. This means it’s possible to create a note for the grocery store while you’re sitting at home. Once you have arrived at the nearest King Soopers, the note appears, making it a cinch to port around your shopping list. This functionality works everywhere you can append a note, so long as you can get within 500 yards of the thing. You can even make your notes public, adding a bit of worldly socializing to the fun. The possibilities are endless, and all the wonderful pastel Post-it tones you love are here as well.



Ness – Free

Apps like Urban Spoon and Yelp are great, but what if you just want a good, custom-tailored recommendation for dinner tonight? That’s where Ness steps in, offering specially rated and user specific restaurant suggestions that learn and grow as your own tastes do.

Ness shares a lot in common with the Netflix rating system: Users can score restaurants according to how much they enjoyed the food and atmosphere, and over time Ness begins to discern the user’s tastes. From there, the app trolls the Internet, providing customized suggestions based on the star ratings. The more ratings the user enters, the better the suggestions, and the happier the stomach. It’s absolutely magical, and if you’re a foodie like us, you’ll love the app’s spot-on guesses.


Mega Mall Story

Mega Mall Story

Mega Mall Story – $3.99

Looking for another good Tiny Towers clone—that is, another good SimTower, Sim City, etc. clone? If so, you’re in luck: Mega Mall Story has users creating their own shopping malls in an experience that’s similar to Tiny Towers and every bit as addicting.

The app is a bit pricy, clocking in at nearly four bucks in the App Store. However, the gameplay is just as addictive as you’d like it to be. The mad rush to add another sushi joint to improve customer flow is nerve-racking and challenging. Thankfully, it’s also fun. If you’re a fan of the genre, you won’t be disappointed with Mega Mall Story’s retro feel and 8-bit graphics. Just be sure to put the Cinnabon next to the Orange Julius, alright?




Luminance – $ .99

We know: Photo editors are a dime a dozen in the App Store right now. You don’t have to remind us (we’ve seen the whole works, we promise) but we still want to take the time to highlight Luminance. This editor for the iPhone and iPad is truly special, and takes mobile picture production to new heights.

Where other tools might focus on simple bits like crop functionality and the occasional rotator, Luminance dives head-deep into photo editing with layers, color correction, etc. The touch-based interface is gorgeous, and the endless amount of undos using the layers function keeps things safe. If you’re a frequent photographer on the iPhone or iPad, you really owe it yourself to try this one dollar gem.


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