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Voypi iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

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Why pay for calls or text messages if you don’t have to? In the immortal words of my new favorite VOIP app, may your phone be free! Voypi from developer Voypi is a completely free service that puts you in contact with other Voypi users for free.

Free! I love free stuff. You probably do to. So save yourself some dough and read this iPhone app review of Voypi.


If you’ve ever gone over your minutes, paid out the wazoo for international calling, or don’t have unlimited text messaging, listen up. The Voypi iPhone app could save you some serious dough.

Our iPhone app review found that the overall idea is simple. Voypi iPhone app uses your current data connection to place calls and send messages to other Voypi users. Not a new idea, but Voypi integrates service so seamlessly with your existing contacts that you will hardly notice a change, until you see your bill that is.

Simply use your phone number to register for Voypi. If you are using an iPod or iPad input your number then you will receive a code via text to allow you to use Voypi on these devices as well. No need to create a confusing user ID or long password. Your number is your ID.

Messaging with Voypi iPhone app has its own in-app interface, with fun graphics and a simple bubble conversation design. It’s pretty sweet. There are even built in emoticons and a dedicated Voypi only contact list if you don’t’ want to use your regular one.


Voypi iPhone app review


User Interface:

Using Voypi is really very easy. You can use your native contact list to contact friends with Voypi, earning this app bonus points for ease of use. Just look for the Voypi iPhone app icon next to a contact and select Voypi as your contact method.

Navigating the actual app is made simple with an easy bottom tab design and design that mimics the standard iPhone design quite well. You’ll barely feel like you’re logged in to an app at all.


As a voice over internet protocol app, the quality of your calls and speed of your messaging will depend largely on your data connection. I was able to place calls on a standard Comcast data network with fairly good results. There may have been a moment or two with a slight crackle, but it was barely noticeable.

The actual app works like a charm, opening and syncing in mere moments. Set up is so simple an infant could do it, and notifications use push to let you know about incoming Voypi messages and calls like regular ones.


If you want to save a little green or reach out to friends without burning through minutes, Voypi is your answer. There are no ads, your personal information is not shared and there’s no catch.

Voypi iPhone app is completely free, and pretty darn fabulous. It wins over other competitors due to ease of use and thorough iPhone integration.

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Voypi iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. ZiZi says:

    Fantastic review! I complete agree – Voypi is great.


  2. Joi says:

    I second.
    Like this app very mush. Using it a lot for calls and sms. The ability to send sound effects in the sms is great

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