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The Flight of Flo Flo - The Ching Chong Group

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Flight of Flo Flo iPhone App Video Review


The Flight of Flo Flo for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

The Flight of Flo Flo by developer The Ching Chong Group offers heaps of tilting fun with a tunnel racer style game mechanic. It’s an app that’s hard as nails, and it’s a bit short, but the challenge is worth every penny. If you’re looking for an accelerometer based game to tickle your iPhone gaming fancy, it’s here and ready in The Flight of Flo Flo.

Concept and Gameplay

The game mechanic offered by The Flight of Flo Flo is most similar to tunnel racing titles of old. Players are charged with helping the protagonist Flo Flo navigate the skies, knocking out haloed critters, gaining wing upgrades, and conquering levels.

To control FloFlo’s flight, players must tilt the iPhone to and fro. They’ll need to dodge copious amounts of (irritatingly) placed obstacles, leading to some truly entertaining and tense moments. These barriers include planes, aliens, birds, and a wealth of other airborne debris. To get the trophy for each level, though, users will have to hit each winged bird. I say obstacles are frustratingly placed, as they’re quite often behind a particularly hard-to-hit string of targets.

All in all, The Flight of Flo Flo offers an interestingly original game concept that’s just as fun as it is hard. I had a blast dodging planes, slamming into speed zapping birds, and snapping up haloed avians like breakfast. The game comes with Game Centre integration, though only partially: There are a couple leader boards for players to peruse, but no achievements, which certainly comes as a drag for point hounds like me. Having achievements would also add an extra carrot on a stick to the app’s experience: A much needed boon for a game mechanic that’s entertaining, but often a tad repetitive.

Design and Graphics

The Flight of Flo Flo for iPhone

The Flight of Flo Flo for iPhone

The developers have done a great job making then app’s levels entertaining and challenging. To secure all the points and bonuses users will have to nail the timing of their tilts to the letter, which can often be quite hard. All in all, level design is top notch and, as mentioned, often quite difficult.

The graphics themselves are excellent, offering fluid animations and richly detailed sprites. Even the backgrounds provide a cooly pleasant feel, with the food-stuff birds wriggling about while roadblock pigeons smile smugly.

I do wish The Flight of Flo Flo had come with a few more levels, however. There are about a dozen and a half here, which is plenty, but once a stage has been completed, there isn’t much desire to return, except for a perfectionist drive to earn all the trophies.  Thankfully, the pacing is spot on, offering innovations at a comfortable clip.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, The Flight of Flo Flo offers an experience that’s truly original and nail-bitingly hard. For the price of entry, users can enjoy a handful of quality levels and great graphics. If you like accelerometer games for the iPhone, The Flight of Flo Flo is a spit on offering that will tickle your tilting pickle at a price to match.

The Flight of Flo Flo requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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