The Exonerator: The Private Eye You Can Afford

The Exonerator

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $2.99

So you’ve got a super suspicious boss, spouse, or flat mate, and you need to prove the train really did come in late, and that you weren’t just out bar hopping like a co-ed on spring break. Unless you kept an exact photo record of your activities, proving your recent whereabouts could prove difficult. Thankfully, for the three bucks the app will cost you, The Exonerator by developer Reap Technology, gives you the alibi you’ve been waiting for.

Concept and Functionality

What The Exonerator does is blissfully simple: Turn the bugger on, drop it into your pocket, and the app will track your every move until your iPhone dies, or until you deactivate the app. The iPhone app provides an approximate GPS location for each passing second, time-stamping each for review later. Need to prove where you were at ten in the morning on August the 22nd? If you had The Exonerator running in the background, it’s a cinch to do so. Pull the iPhone app up, scroll to the requested date, and The Exonerator does the rest, providing a map with your location marked for easy perusal.

Our iPhone app review found that utilizing the app is a simple affair made simpler by the fact that The Exonerator runs completely in the background. No extra effort is required to mark your progress throughout the day, saving you any unnecessary pain. Not only that, but The Exonerator only tracks your movements when you travel a fair distance from your starting point. That is to say, if you spend five hours at a coffee shop (like a certain, unnamed app reviewer) the app doesn’t waste energy by tracking your every second there. Rather, when you leave for other destinations, The Exonerator picks up where it left off, providing a departure time and information about your travels in-between.

All in all, it’s an impressively tight package that makes it piss-easy to track your whereabouts. The only real downside is if you have a legitimate need for the services offered.

Design and Layout

The Exonerator

The Exonerator for iPhone

Not only is The Exonerator effective, but it takes no effort at all to set-up. Just open the app, and if your GPS settings are green lighted, the thing “just works.” The simplicity of the scroll-wheel interface is also greatly appreciated, giving quick access to your vital information.

The app can drastically reduce your battery life, however. GPS functionality is a well-known charge killer, and when left running in your open processes, you will notice an hefty cut.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, The Exonerator is the kind of app you either have a need for, or only have a passing curiosity in. If you need to prove your whereabouts on a constant basis (and if so, God bless) the three dollar price tag is spot-on. Otherwise, the app is a cheap curiosity for those that like GPS-based apps.

The Exonerator requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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