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TaskRabbit iPhone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

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Are you one of those fabulous people who have so much going on that they barely have time to run errands? Or, are you someone looking to make a buck running said errands for other people?

Either way, I have quite the iPhone app review for you today. Introducing TaskRabbit, an iPhone app that puts job seekers and job havers together in one glorious app.

Stop putting off those things you never have time to do and hop through my iPhone app review of TaskRabbit, you’ll be happy that you did.


TaskRabbit has been successfully connecting folks with tasks and folks needing gigs online, but their iPhone app has definitely upped the ante.

Here’s the basic concept of the TaskRabbit iPhone app. You post a job, something like dropping off recycling, picking up ingredients, cleaning or other basic tasks. Include a job description, time frame, and what you are willing to pay for the task.

TaskRabbits are people vetted by the TaskRabbit company, complete with professional background checks and interviews. Local TaskRabbits can offer to complete your task right from the app. You keep in touch via messages, text, or on the phone. When they finish, you pay them through the TaskRabbit iPhone app.

It’s a pretty simple, yet strangely powerful, concept. Tasks generally cost between $20 and $40. I like the security that TaskRabbit gives those hiring and those getting hired. In this economy its little wonder concepts such as TaskRabbit are popping up all over the place.


TaskRabbit iPhone app


User Interface:

I am tickled pink by the whimsical user interface of the TaskRabbit iPhone app. A spinning carousel posted on a cork board of topics lets users pick the correct area, whether they are TaskRabbits who want to use the easy map interface to find tasks, or posters looking for a food pick up.

Even the posting and searching interfaces are interesting and easy to use. Built in tools like the handy man tool that suggests pricing based on local trends, and the GPS linked map with tasks make being a TaskRabbit a breeze.

It’s very rare that a user interface actually impresses me, but TaskRabbit iPhone app’s developers managed to do just that.


It’s hard not to get excited about the TaskRabbit iPhone app. I see the potential for many mutually beneficial arrangements in this app. On top of that, TaskRabbit does not take out fees from what their task takers get paid. That gives the app’s value rating a huge boost.

There’s just one problem. The TaskRabbit hub closest to me is 800 miles away.

As of my review, TaskRabbit is only up and running in Boston, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles and New York City. If you live in one of these areas, do yourself a favor and get involved with TaskRabbit now.

If you live elsewhere, like me, the best thing to do is sign up now and send many friendly emails to the company asking them politely to come to your area soon. I’ll keep carrots on hand.

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TaskRabbit iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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