Sullivan’s List: Like The Bucket List Only With Less Jack And More Hip Travel

Sullivan's List - Lightning Publishing Limited

Sullivan's List

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $2.99

 Sullivan’s List, by developer Lightning Publishing Limited, is the kind of iPhone app that sounds plain ridiculous, at least until you dive underneath its gorgeous exterior and feast on the festival-fattened meat and potatoes hidden beneath, which is exactly what we did in our iPhone app review. Culinary metaphors aside, Sullivan’s List is a unique guide to world travel and life living, offering a special experience you’re not likely to find elsewhere on the iPhone.

Concept and Functionality

It’s nearly impossible to do a review of Sullivan’s List without first covering the backstory behind the app, so here goes: There once was a park ranger named Roy C. Sullivan. Your man was unfortunate enough to be shocked, lightning style, seven times during his life, and after each occurrence, he vowed to make a list of all the places and events he wanted to see before death. He never made that list, but Sullivan’s List is his dream realized on the iPhone.

The iPhone app is somewhere between travel guide, online community, and coffee book, offering detailed information and photographs about 100 different worldwide events. Sullivan’s List serves as a bucket list for the hip and travel-inclined, detailing festivals, events, and adventures worth doing the globe over.

The geographical distance Sullivan’s List covers is truly awe-inspiring. The developers have not shafted less-travelled areas of the world, like Africa, but have painted a comprehensive travel dream with an un-biased brush. The app lists events everywhere from Norway to South Africa, with heaps more in-between. There’s also an online component to the app, where users can create their own To-Do lists, comment on the included events, or announce their intentions to RSVP.

All in all, it’s a blissfuly engaging experience on the iPhone and iPad. Sullivan’s List even includes maps to locate each event, as well as a timeline to help travelers keep their itinerary and physical dates in sync.


Design and Layout

Sullivan's List

Sullivan's List

Sullivan’s List looks great on the iPhone: It looks even better on the iPad. No matter how you take in the app’s information, the thing looks gorgeous. The cold matte gray and slick blues featured in the title’s design make for an eye-candy ridden experience, while the copious use of sliding photographs and hidden menus keeps the focus on the information. It’s a gorgeous piece of coding, and one that’s guaranteed to please.

Overall Value

Sullivan’s List is a tad pricy at $2.99 in the App Store, and the value of the app itself is somewhat debatable. Though you may never use Sullivan’s List is a true travel guide, for the price of entry, the app allows you to dream: The treasure trove of incredible things to see before death keeps the viewer inspired, and for that, we’d be willing to fork over three bucks. Skip the morning latte and dream a little.

Sullivan's ListSullivan’s List requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Traveller32 says:

    A really cool app that shows some amazing festivals. Specially the pictures and the tips of other travellers make this app special. I can recommend it to all the adventurous people that are looking for inspiration!

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