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Stop Baby Crying iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $.99

Newborn babies may be the most adorable thing in all creation. Their tiny hands, feet and even their button noses are enchanting. But if you’ve ever been a new parent, or known someone who has, you understand that getting a fussy baby to sleep can be tough.

If you’re having trouble getting your new baby to sleep give the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app from Morning Dew Games a try. This new iPhone app might be your next best friend.


Our iPhone app review of the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app found that it utilizes various sounds to help your little one drift gently off to sleep. According to the app, the concept came from a study that linked white noise to calmness in babies due to the similarity of that sound and the noises a baby would hear while in its mother’s belly.

Developers do caution that different sounds may work in different cases. There are six preloaded audio tracks in the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app: heartbeat, amniotic fluid, interference, plastic bag, jet engine and vacuum cleaner.

These tracks range from a simple, steady thump to various white noise sounds at different pitches. Stop Baby Crying is basically an advanced sound machine with tones specifically created for babies. I think sound machines are amazing, personally. It really makes sense that these developers put extra time into making a child-centric iPhone app like this.

I will admit a couple of these sounds are not music to my ears. Others are harmless enough or even pleasant. Try them all to find your baby’s favorite. After all, once they get to sleep you can get some rest too! A word of caution: there is no timer element, the sound will continue until you manually stop it.


User Interface:

Stop Baby Crying iPhone App Review

Stop Baby Crying

A simple user interface compliments the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app. The main screen has two buttons, one for credits and another to start the app. Each sound has its own button. I do wish the words were a bit larger. It’s kind of hard to read them on my iPhone’s screen.

Once you start a track the controls are on the bottom of the screen. There’s even a monitor that animates sound fluctuations in each track.

There are no confusing menus to navigate or complicated options. I’m sure busy parents will appreciate the simplicity of this app.

Graphics & Design:

Stop Baby Crying recently got a bit of a facelift. The new app has a soft pink, blue and white motif, complete with a baby in a carriage. I like the gentle design elements of this app. After all, the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app is all about soothing your tired child. It might as well look soothing too.


If you’re looking for a simple application to help your family drift off into sleep, give the Stop Baby Crying iPhone app a try. It costs $.99 in iTunes. Can you really put a price on getting some peace and quiet when you’re a new parent?

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Stop Baby Crying


Stop Baby Crying iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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