Sneaky Snake Gives Solid Snake A Run For His Money

Sneaky Snake - Top Free Classic Game for Kids & Adults - Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.

Sneaky Snake for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: Free

Sneaky Snake, be developer Tapps Technologia da Informaçao, is a classic port of a retro title to the iPhone. It brings excellent graphics with a cartoony edge, as well as simple to navigate gameplay. The controls can be a big touchy, as well as the difficulty levels a bit drastic, but the app will still please both casual gamers and fans of the classic arcade title Snake.

Concept and Gameplay

If you have ever played the classic game Snake, then you know exactly what Sneaky Snake is packing. The title brings nothing new to the table, restoring the same winding gameplay as the original.

In Sneaky Snake, players are charged with directing an ever-growing worm around the game board toward tasty points that appear like fruit off a tree. Once the protagonist gobbles a point of interest, he grows one notch. The longer he grows, the harder it is to navigate the walls, as well as the lengthy tail that trails along behind him. It’s a classic concept that offers a simple, but hard to master challenge.

As great as the original Snake gameplay is, I do wish Sneaky Snake had brought something new to the table. The app comes with leader boards and full Game Center integration—including 22 achievements to be unlocked—but I still found myself yearning for the occasional power-up, or a special fruit for the gobbling. The classic tension is grand, but considering the number of snake clones available on the market, innovation is key.


Controls and Graphics

Sneaky Snake for iPhone

Sneaky Snake for iPhone

Thankfully, Sneaky Snake looks gorgeous on the iPhone. The developers have given the classic title a pastel remake, creating a wholly engaging and cartoony game world. The snake is controlled using the one, large directional pad along the bottom, and it could not be simpler to play the game itself. Likewise, the board has been designed with ease-of-vision in mind: It’s a jewel to behold, and knowing exactly where your snake is located is never a problem.

That being said, the controls can be a bit sluggish. I found it difficult to make quick, on-a-dime turns in Sneaky Snake, which is a shame for a Snake title. The directional pad, as large as it is, still felt a bit small in places, as I was constantly missing the correct edge.

Overall Value

Free is hard to argue with, and so is Sneaky Snake. The game offers a rock-solid Snake experience on the iPhone, and with such a fantastic facelift, it would be a crime not to give the app a recommendation. It’s nothing new, and the controls are still too sluggish to be fantastic, but Sneaky Snake is easily one of the best snake clones alive in the App Store.


Sneaky Snake requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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