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Smiggle iPhone App Video Review

Smiggle for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you looking for a quick, convenient way to meet new people online from your iPhone? Are you scared of the user experience offered by apps like Grindr? If so, then Smiggle, by developer Rate’nDate Mobile, may be your new best connection. The app’s simple interface and smooth functionality make it a cinch to meet other users online—and possible even go home with a few.

Concept and Functionality

Smiggle is first and foremost a chat application, aimed at matching people from all across the globe (or your local area) for random talk-ups. There’s a pretty blatant focus on developing a romantic relationship, but that doesn’t mean Smiggle is entirely a prowling ground for hungry adults: The app is also a good way to simply chat with those that live very far away, or even very near.

The way Smiggle aligns users is via the “Shoutout” function. Using this setting, participants create a message about themselves, about their preferred conversational topic, or about anything else they particularly want mentioned. All online users can see these shout outs, and if something looks entertaining, a chat with that individual is only a click away.

Users can also post photos to their chats in-app using the iPhone’s camera, or lock down a conversation as private using a quick pin. Chat can also be filtered to focus on the local area, rather than the global market, bringing a bit more Grindr-esque functionality to the mix.

Overall, Smiggle makes it incredibly easy to meet and chat with strangers on the Internet. That being said, I was irritated by the need for a phone number to create an account (users will also need an account to do anything short of see who is online). I can’t see a reason why my phone number should be required, and I hardly felt bad giving the app a fake set of digits.


Design and Layout

Smiggle for iPhone

Smiggle for iPhone

Tabbed browsing is king in the Smiggle experience. All the available features are held along the bottom of the app an easy click away. This includes the shout outs creation tab and feed explorer. The chat experience itself is simple but effective, keeping things clean cut rather than feature-rich and cluttered. I also appreciated the inclusion of a “safe chat” function which attempts to screen harmful messages: It doesn’t often work, but it’s an excellent thought, anyway.

Overall Value

As a free app in the App Store, it’s hard to argue with Smiggle’s functionality and cost of entry. If you’re looking to meet (possibly sexy) singles on the Internet, or just want to have a cross-cultural chat from your mobile device, the app is a quality and fairly-priced option. For that, Smiggle earns our recommendation, as well as our own, app-studded shout out.

Smiggle requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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