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Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $1.99

Alright already, I get it. It’s annoying that your iPhone doesn’t support Adobe Flash technology. I feel your pain, especially when you consider all the prime video content out there floating just out of reach.

It’s time to stop your sniffling. Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app from Skyfire Labs is putting the content you always wanted in your hands right on your iOS device.

The name Skyfire Labs might sound familiar. This is the same company who produced one of the top rated third-party browsers for the iPhone.

So, just how do they manage this mindboggling feat? Check my iPhone app review, fool. It’s time to get schooled.


The Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app has two main functions: making Flash video content available on your iPhone, and keeping you on top of the hottest video clip trends out there.

Obviously I am excited about the Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app’s Flash playing abilities. Just to clarify, this app can help you view Flash video content, apps and other page animations are not supported.

There are two ways to put that tasty Flash video content in your greedy little hands. First register your iPhone’s primary email address through the app. Then any time you visit a site and get a nasty Flash not supported for a video message tap the functions arrow and choose “Mail Link to this Page.” Shoot that addy to and in moments it will appear in your video queue. It’s that easy.

Or, you can install the handy browser Skyfire VideoQ bookmarket which saves to your iPhone’s browser bookmark list. Any web address you save here will automatically push that page’s info to the Skyfire VideoQ app. Launch the app and confirm the video address. That’s it.

There is also a customizable library of video content for you to peruse. I’m still pretty pumped about the Flash video support.

Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app review

Skyfire VideoQ




The Skyfire VideoQ app warns that video content may take a few moments to load, and it’s a valid warning. However it only takes a couple of seconds to load videos usually, and the items that are available in the content channels load even more easily.

Otherwise, the Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app is very solid. I do not have any complaints.

User Interface:

This app is also very user friendly. New users are ushered through the painless process of email registration and bookmarklet download immediately.

Once you are set up, the app is controlled by four main tabs: queue, hot, channels and settings. Items you select will be in the queue tab, while the hot and channels tabs give you easy access to popular content. Settings is self-explanatory.

This app is all about the content, there are not any crazy, flashy graphics or distracting layouts.


Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app costs $1.99 to download. If you are an iPhone user that’s been hankering after Flash video content, get it. The app is high quality and easy to use.

Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app QR code

Skyfire VideoQ


Skyfire VideoQ iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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