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Ruby Translator iPhone App Video Review

Ruby Translator for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do u evr get txts like this n wonder what in the world they r saying? Or do you have the opposite problem: Are you constantly sending texts in heavy shorthand, and have problems communicating with those a little less text-savvy? No matter what your predicament, Ruby Translator by developer RIP is your quick iPhone fix. The app’s translator functionality is top-notch, even if the price of entry is a bit high, making it the perfect texting companion for iOS.

Concept and Functionality

Youths these days! Always coming up with clever shorthand lingo to befuddle and annoy the rest of us. Ruby Translator wants to help bridge the gap between the tech-inclined and the more ludite among us. The app allows users to enter regular text that can be translated with a press of a button into hipper texting speak. Likewise, those who already know the language of the street texter can enter phrases as they usually do, and get a cleaned-up, grammatical version in return.

It’s a unique concept, and for the most part, Ruby Translator does just what it says it will. I ran the app through a gauntlet of popular texting phrases, and it consistently returned a more standard English translation. Going the opposite direction (basic English to the not-so-standard derivative) was just as easy, and proved equally as comprehensive. Ruby Translator lacked a few dictionary items I though rather obvious (laughing out loud is forever spelled as-is, instead of using “lol”) but the app makes up for these omissions with custom dictionary creation.

Users are free to add words or phrases as they see fit, but if you’re less of a hands-on kind of  person, the app comes with a truly frightening number of languages. Ruby Translator currently supports everything from German to Hindi, with several more offerings in-between. This means the app fully recognizes texting as a global village affair, making it one of the more versatile translators in the App Store.


Design and Layout

Ruby Translator for iPhone

Ruby Translator for iPhone

Ruby Translator features a host of settings, including the option to change the look of the app, the dictionary used, and the formatting of dates. I did find the app’s interface a bit hard to manage, as all the extra features are tucked underneath less than intuitive menu items. For example, the app’s note-enabled calendar function is hidden underneath the share button, an arrangement I found less than optimal. In fact, Ruby Translator would benefit greatly from a more traditional, tab-based interface.

Overall Value

Clocking in at a whopping $4.99 in the App Store, Ruby Translator is more of a need-based app than a novelty. If you’re constantly confronted by confusing texts, the app might just simplify your life. However, with such a high price of entry, it might not tickle your fancy so much if you’re already tech-savvy.

Ruby TranslatorRuby Translator requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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4 Responses to “RU Hip Enough 4 Ruby Translator?”

  1. For additional features, and there are a ton, go to then click on Features.

    Netlingo has four of their dictionaries available to use with RUBY. MyText Talk has there tween dictionary available with RUBY. All are in app purchases.

    There are two very important in app dictionary purchases available — Sexting and Drug Use — for your consideration.

    When all dictionaries are loaded there are over 26,000 TXT and WORDS.

    Can save to your Word Processor and inport a text file.

    Can translate without internet or WI-FI connection.

    Great for students to use to take classroom notes.

    The only texting communications app available.

  2. Tulot says:

    Pretty sweet. When I type in lol I get “laughing out loud” and “lots of love” and other languges meanings though….it is a bit pricey, but pretty sweet.

    The sex dictionary is a trip :-)

  3. Vanessa Buckley says:

    Pretty cool app. Sure wish I had this when I was in college. Would have made taking notes a lot easier. I have enjoyed using it on my iPod Touch, but I am looking forward to it becoming available for those who own a Droid phone.

  4. Reviewer made several excellent suggestions — ALL have been implemented in the updated version of RUBY.

    PRICE IS NOW — $1.99
    IN APPS NOW — $ .99

    Several buttons made to be intuitive and have been moved to the Translation page as per specific reviewer comments.

    Thanks for your comments — RUBY is a much better app do to your review.

    We at Ruby Translator listen to our reviewers and buyers comments and suggestions, updating RUBY, to better serve our clients.

    Looking forward to a review on the updated version of RUBY!

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