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Print to PDF iPhone App Video Review

Print to PDF iPhone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Like any other iPhone user I want to access information easily and on my terms, whether I’m outside of my network’s coverage or not. Saving Web pages, emails and other documents just got a lot easier with the Print to PDF iPhone app from developer Enrique Rodriguez.

If you are ready to shed the wires and stop shuffling files around just to be able to access them, take a minute to enjoy my iPhone app review of Print to PDF.


Print to PDF iPhone app interfaces with your iOS device’s Safari browser, native email program and any other app that supports AirPrint to let you save important information as PDF files. A brilliant concept is easily executed through this intelligent little app. Allow me to explain.

Use the app’s built in tutorial to get a feel for Print to PDF. Once you have read through the simple how-to slides there should be a check mark next to the words “Printer Ready.” That means you are good to go.

Open the Print to PDF app and leave it running in the background. Carry on as you normally would, sending emails, browsing the Web and navigating apps.

When you come across information that you would like to save for easy access or secure in PDF format select the print option. Choose Print to PDF as your printer, and voila! The file is saved securely in the Print to PDF app, organized by original location.

You can also manage files to make accessing them even easier in the Print to PDF iPhone app. While viewing files a simple tap lets you view complicated documents in a plain text mode and share or move files with ease. I appreciate the personalization options.


Print to PDF iPhone app review

Print to PDF

Practical Application:

I rarely review apps that are this practical and think Print to PDF deserves a few extra brownie points for being an extremely useful iPhone utility. I might be extra fond of this app because I’m tired of having to email myself Web page then wait for them to show up in my email box, etc.

Print to PDF iPhone app will be useful for casual users, such as me, but I think it has even more potential in a business environment where file security and access is key.

User Interface:

Set up is a no brainer with the Print to PDF iPhone app. Simply open the app and as long as your device is compatible you are good to go. Files are automatically organized by type and date. Even making changes is easy. I love ease of use.

Saving files is also a breeze. In Safari, for example, once you are on a page you’d like to save tap the action button at the bottom of your screen. Select print, make sure Print to PDF is your current printer, and tap print. That’s it.


So what’s the price of this uber practical utility app? It’ll run you $3.99 to download Print to PDF iPhone app from iTunes. That’s a pretty fair price for an application that actually pulls its weight.

Print to PDF iPhone App QR Code

Print to PDF


Print to PDF iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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