My First Bible Stories: Classic Christian Favorites Told Brilliantly

My First Bible Stories - Copenhagen Publishing House

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My First Bible Stories iPhone App Video Review

My First Bible Stories iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Sharing your favorite classic bible stories has never been as easy as it is with the My First Bible Stories iPhone App from Copenhagen Publishing House. These richly illustrated stories from the new and old testament are sure to delight new generations of bible lovers and please their parents with their wholesome content.


The My First Bible Stories iPhone app supports seven timeless biblical stories: “Noah and the Ark,” “Adam and Eve and the Story of the Creation,” “David and Goliath,” “Daniel and the Lions,” “When Jesus Was Born,” “Stories Jesus Told,” “Miracles of Jesus” and “The Story of Easter.”

Stories are displayed in bright, original illustrations with a camera view that moves and focuses on different portions of each screen, creating a dynamic story telling experience.

There are several different reading options in the My First Bible Stories iPhone app, including a pre-recorded English language reading, an option to turn off the recording and enjoy the story and pictures silently, and an option to record a custom reading to enjoy for each story.

I really love the custom recording option. This is a perfect opportunity to let your children have you, a beloved grandparent or favorite friend read to them any time. They can even record themselves reading stories to share.

Options make this app pop. Developers rate the content for users ages 3 and up. My First Bible Stories is sure to be a favorite of children of all ages.


Graphics & Design:

My First Bible Stories iPhone App Review

My First Bible Stories

I touched briefly on the original graphics that illustrate the My First Bible Stories iPhone app, but it’s worth mentioning that these are colorful, clear and age appropriate. The camera view feature helps take biblical scenes from still life to active, creating a more interactive experience for your young reader.

Although the graphics are basic two-dimensional drawings, it’s easy to see developers did put a fair amount of effort into creating an engaging application.

User Interface:

The My First Bible Stories iPhone app has a simple, easy to navigate user interface appropriate for users of all ages. The story list is easily navigated with a side scroll design. Additional options such as recording selections are available at the top of the page.

During the stories, users can either allow the story to progress on its own or handy arrows may be used to navigate between scenes. Touch and hold the screen briefly to pull up exit options or switch between recordings.

My only concern with the UI is the relative ease with which users can purchase additional stories in the application. I suggest addressing this concern with your child, or purchasing stories ahead of time.


It doesn’t cost a dime to download the My First Bible Stories iPhone app. The app comes preloaded with one story, Noah and the Ark. All additional titles cost $.99 each, or you may purchase all seven additional stories at once for $4.99, a tidy savings.

If your child is enchanted with biblical stories this app is a cost effective way to put a quality collection of these classics in their hands. Just be aware that to enjoy all the app’s features it’s gonna cost you.

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My First Bible Stories


My First Bible Stories iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. These stories and the illustrations are great and so inexpensive.

  2. bobwbaber says:

    Seems like a great gift. How do we record vou voice on our device and then give it to our grandchildren?

  3. bobwbaber says:

    how do we give the recorded “by us” version, from our device to our grandkids’ devices?

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