Millie & The Lost Key: Biscuits, Bacon, and Crunchy Narrative

Millie & The Lost Key - Millie Was Here, Book 2 - Megapops LLC

Millie & The Lost Key for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $3.99

 Millie & The Lost Key, by developer Megapops, offers the kind of innovative children’s entertainment experience we like to see in an iPad app. The title combines all the important elements one needs in a modern piece of children’s literature: Touch-based extras, multimedia components, a fun narrative, and crisp graphics. It’s a tight package, and though it’s a tad expensive, the iPad app’s quality alone deserves a test drive, which is exactly what we did in our iPad app review.

Concept and Functionality

Though Millie & The Lost Key performs just like any other children’s book redone for the iPad’s digital screen—the app presents a narrative for both child and parent to scroll through page by page—the app is ripe with multimedia innovations.

Each page is loaded to the max with touch-based knobs, pull-tabs, and sliders. Each produces a change in the illustration or a unique sound. We won’t have to tell the parents among our readers what this’ll do to their kids: It’s a well known fact that children love motion, graphics, and colorful animations. Thankfully, Millie & The Lost Key carries each in spades, meaning any little will be more than pleased with the action offered here.

Millie & The Lost Key also allows parents the option of having the app read itself, or having the parent read to their child. I thought this a splendid touch, as there are days when you’d rather gets hands-on and dramatize with your children, but there are also days when you’d just like to distract them during a commute.

Millie & The Lost Key also includes a hidden sticker per page. It’s up to you and your brood to find each piece of digital vinyl, but once it’s been unearthed, it’s saved under an overarching sticker album. I thought this was a particularly motivating addition, and a great way to get kids interested in reading.


Design and Artwork

Millie & The Lost Key for iPad

Millie & The Lost Key for iPad

The app exudes a kind of charm and polish that we rarely see in an app for small children. The animations are absolutely top-notch, and the various touch-oriented elements glided smoothly. The illustrations combine real-life pictures with digital touch-ups to create a world of magic and adventure that’s simply marvelous. Even the dramatized narration was spot on, as we so often see poorly recorded narratives floating through our midst. Truly, Millie & The Lost Key is a professional offering that doesn’t play around with playing around.

Overall Value

Millie & The Lost Key clocks in at $3.99 in the App Store, which is a tad expensive for an app, but very cheap for a piece of children’s literature. For the price of entry, parents can enjoy one of the most unique and best illustrated children’s narratives available for the iPad, making Millie & The Lost Key definitely worth a recommendation.

Millie & The Lost KeyMillie & The Lost Key requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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