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HoroscopeOne iPhone App Video Review

HoroscopeOne! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Remove the cloak of mystery that shrouds your future with the HoroscopeOne! iPhone app from Jaz Communication. Updated daily, this horoscope service tells you what is happening in your star chart today, including important astrological movements and how they affect your fate.

Is there a tall dark stranger in your future? Will you rise to the occasion? Is change on the horizon? All these questions may be answered by HoroscopeOne! Come gaze into the coming days, weeks and months ahead with my iPhone app review of HoroscopeOne.


Forget those cookie cutter services and newspaper horoscopes. When it comes to forecasts, customization is king. The HoroscopeOne! iPhone app uses your date of birth to produce custom readings on the spot.

These aren’t brief horoscopes either. My first custom casting was several minutes long, and touched on the next two days, two weeks and two months, pinpointing specific dates and describing astrological shifts that would cause changes.

It didn’t beat around the bush either. At one point the HoroscopeOne! iPhone app was saying a few pretty unflattering things about my personality. I may not like it, but this app has a sting of honesty to it.

Horoscopes are available in seven different languages: English, Russian, Arabic, French, Georgian, German and Romanian. You may also save your forecasts to favorites and review them again as time passes.

Overall, HoroscopeOne! is an extremely thorough astrological application with a lot of detail and customization for long form results tailored to you.

Layout & Design:

Like so many quality apps, HoroscopeOne! is well organized with easy to access menus and options. A simple scrolling UI makes inputting your birthday, sex and preferred language a breeze.

Additional areas are accessed via a dedicated bottom tab design. Tabs include home, favorites, history, share and about. There is also a dedicated info icon in the upper right-hand corner of each screen for additional app info.

The theme is blue on blue, with several signature astrological touches such as stars and a horizon line. I think the theme is fitting, and provides a pretty backdrop to the HoroscopeOne! iPhone app.


HoroscopeOne works quite well in all seven languages included in the app. Although horoscopes are presented in an audio format that looks much like a phone dial pad, the app does not make calls or use any of your minutes. No hidden fees here.


I understand having a healthy amount of skepticism about the art of astrology. However, the first three forecasts you receive with this app are on the house. So you have nothing to lose by downloading HoroscopeOne! iPhone app and gazing into the future with a little astrological assistance. You may just like it.

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HoroscopeOne! iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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