The Board Game is Back with a Vengeance in Fluke HD

Fluke HD - Local Aliens LLC

Price: $.99

Fluke HD iPad App Video Review

Fluke HD iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you yearn for a simpler time when board games brought players together, and all the strategy you needed to learn was how to roll a die, the Fluke HD iPad app from Local Aliens LLC is going to be right up your alley.


Fluke HD puts the simple fun of multiplayer board games back in rotation with their iPad app. Gameplay is reminiscent of classics such as Sorry! and Chutes and Ladders. You guide tokens across the board with the roll of a die, and try to reach the end with all your tokens first to win a round. Of course, it’s not that simple, as witnessed in our iPad app review.

Battle for position with up to five other players either taking turns locally or online through Game Center. You can also play against your iPad at three different difficulties. Tricky tiles with random boosts and penalties spice up the action, so do teleportation tiles and the fact that bumping another player’s token takes it out of play.

There’s definitely some strategy to the Fluke HD iPad app. I suggest adding another one of your tokens to the board each time you can for a strategic upper hand. Even with the best planning, chance rules this game, just like your favorite old school board games. Bottom line: I couldn’t stop playing it.


User Interface:

Fluke HD iPad App Review

Fluke HD

The juxtaposition of retro board game style action and a slick iPad user interface make Fluke HD something special. Accessing menus, customizing player names and even checking out score data via Open Feint is all done easily.

While you are setting up the game a simple scroll left and right will show you all available boards. A tabbed approach allows you to access settings and review help files with ease. During the game controls are kept minimally invasive by being tucked into corners, so the board and your moves are front and center.

Graphics & Design:

This game makes ample use of the iPad’s expansive screen, especially during gameplay. There are five different game boards to choose from, and they are all a little different. The developer says there’s more where that came from, so users can look forward to more boards down the line.

I really like the smart use of space in the Fluke HD iPad app. I’m also thrilled by the level of variety among the existing boards which range from basic to busy and always have crisp, clear graphics. Solid design work ensures happy players, and that’s what I like to be.


Download the Fluke HD iPad app in iTunes for $.99. You owe it to yourself, if only to reclaim a stolen bit of childhood or reintroduce family game night. Fluke HD is a perfect marriage of old school gaming and the latest technology, and I definitely dig it.

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Fluke HD


Fluke HD iPad app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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