Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past: Digging In, Listening Up

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past - Corporate Assistance Limited

Price: $5.99

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past iPhone App Video Review

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you read everything you can find about the subject? If so, then saddle up, Pilgrim: Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past, by developer Corporate Assistance Limited offers a wealth of information about the Earth’s climate, as well as the connections between our current situation and past civilizations.

Concept and Functionality

Earth Changes is, more or less, an ebook rewritten for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The app combines multimedia imagery and spoken narration of the book’s chapters, read by the author himself, Mike Pettigrew.

Earth Changes is most concerned about climate change, and offers eight different chapters on the subject for the user to listen to. Most chapters average about five minutes in length, but several stretch on past the 12 minute mark. All in all, there’s at least an hour’s worth of material here (pardon the pun.)

The app also features several images of past civilizations that tie into the topics discussed, as well as further reading suggestions, references, and the option to share information with friends via email. On that note, I would have liked to see more social networking integration: Having the ability to post reading updates to Facebook and Twitter would be a tremendous boon for the app.

Aside from the extra references and handful of pictures, Earth Changes is more or less a cut-and-dry coffee table book rewritten for the iOS. However, there are no text transcripts of the narrated readings, meaning it’s an audio only affair. Having the ability to read and listen at the same time would be greatly appreciated, and would make a quick review much easier.

Design and Layout

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past

As an audio book reconstructed for your iDevice, Earth Changes looks quite the picture. The app isn’t completely optimized for the iPad—it really just looks like a blown-up version of the iPhone flavor—but both are functional and quite good looking.

Tabbed browsing along the top keeps features easily in reach, while a slider and media controls along the bottom keep the audio in check. I did experience a few bugs in which the audio would start playing unexpectedly, but this was easily fixed by pumping the play button.

For all its great design, I still would have liked to see more content in Earth Changes. The handful of pictures is nice, but having video (or even just more photos) would be fantastic.

Overall Value

For the price ($5.99 in the App Store) Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past is cheaper than most books on climate change, and comes with a great iOS-themed package. That being said, with no text transcripts and a limited amount of multimedia content, the app will likely only please fans of the author, or those interested in the subject of climate change.

Earth Changes and Our Hidden Past requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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