Dental Phobia: It’s All In Your Head (And On Your iPhone)

Dental Phobia - Dr Jeff Sherer

Dental Phobia for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

Are you scared to visit the density? Does the thought of a root canal or a simple clean up make you quake in your fillings? If so, then Dental Phobia, by developer Dr Jeff Sherer, is itching to help you fill that unhealthy fear. The app comes with a wealth of dental information designed to inform and prepare you for that big day at the dentist’s.

Form and Functionality

Dental Phobia is somewhere between an ebook and a resource app. The apps tabbed browsing yields a wealth of information about dental procedures and what to expect from them. The app tends to focus on various forms of anesthesia, rather than surgical procedures, which is a nice touch: As most serious forms of dental phobia are based around the undesirable nature of being put to sleep, the emphasis makes a lot of sense.

Dental Phobia also comes with various coping mechanisms to help those afraid of the dentist make it into that rising chair. There’s also an in-depth explanation of dental phobia itself, in the pursuit of preventing symptoms by explaining them.

All in all, Dental Phobia is a tight package that offers a lot of valuable text for those that suffer from the phobia. The included ability to share information via email, Twitter, and Facebook is a nice touch. I would have liked to see more explanations of common dental procedures, like root canals, however. The included information is extensive, but even more depth would have been appreciated.

Design and Layout

Dental Phobia for iPhone

Dental Phobia for iPhone

Dental Phobia makes use of various stock iOS interface elements to get its information across. The tabbed browsing bar along the bottom of the app lets users swap between features easily, while the stacked list of information topics at the home page makes it a breeze to get at the app’s meaty information bits. The included texts are very detailed, providing lots of insight into both the phobia itself and the various forms of sedation that may cause it.

That being said, I still would have appreciated even more depth. As mentioned, information about common procedures would be a tremendous boon. Likewise, even more common questions in the FAQ section would have been helpful. As a common phobia, fear of dentistry comes with a lot of normal questions with easy answers: Exploring this a bit more would have been much more helpful.

Overall Value

Priced at the ever comfortable dollar mark (that’s £ .69 for you UK readers) Dental Phobia provides a lot of useful data on a common fear, one that prevents many people from visiting the dentist on a healthy basis. If you suffer from dental phobia, or know someone that does, the app could be a real tooth saver. It could stand to have a bit more information, but it’s still a lush package. If you’re plagued by a fear of needles, dentists, and teeth, save yourself some pain and spend a dollar on Dental Phobia.

Dental Phobia requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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5 Responses to “Dental Phobia: It’s All In Your Head (And On Your iPhone)”

  1. Gemma Ross says:

    Love this app, very helpful to read before the dentist!

  2. Niles781 says:

    nice looking app with loads of helpful information. recommend it.

  3. Dr Khan says:

    My patients will find this useful before coming to see me for a filling!

  4. GSmithy77 says:

    This app is well written and sound. Very helpful FAQ section. Recommended.

  5. Moonyboy says:

    Great app!

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