Dive Into The Mouse Nest And Get Cheesy With Cheezia

Cheezia - Nordic Solutions Systems Oy

Cheezia for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

 Cheezia, by developer Nordic Solutions Systems Oy, offers the kind of tight, puzzling package we like to see in a fresh iPhone app. The game features rich graphics and a unique concept, as well as two game modes to keep the ball rolling. Cheezia might be repetitive at times, but if you’re looking for a new one dollar gem in the App Store, the app may just be your best bet.

Concept and Gameplay

Our iPhone app review determined that the plot of Cheezia is related to a group of industrious mice doing what they do best: Gathering up cheese and shipping it out. The title takes place in a micro-factory, where bits of cheese float by on a conveyer belt before landing atop a hatch placed just so between two colored wheels. Players must rotate the wheels to match the pattern of the crate below the hatch. Once the correct combination is produced, users tap the cheese to drop it in, and the tasty dairy morsel is shipped out.

Players don’t just have to worry about pattern-matching, however. They will also need to navigate the occasional toxic waste barrel, as well as the point-boosting coins that appear with some frequency. Users will also have to keep up the pace to progress to the next level, all while making little to no mistakes. Cheezia comes stock with two diverging game modes: A classic level-progression mode and a two minute Time Attack setting. This really serves to keep things fresh, and adds two whole layers to an already stellar concept.

All in all, I found the gameplay of this iPhone app offered quite entertaining, and certainly challenging. Keeping up with the demand of the ever-increasing cheese bits was hard, but not so much so as to be off-putting. The game can be a bit repetitive at times, however, especially as there are no power-ups to shake things into high gear.


Graphics and Controls

Cheezia for iPhone

Cheezia for iPhone

Cheezia’s controls could not be simpler. The game is fully optimized for touch input, meaning users merely need to slide a finger across one of the color wheels to change the cheese’s pattern. Likewise, everything else about the app’s game mechanics can be accessed with only a quick slap.

The graphics are perhaps the app’s biggest boon. The cute and cartoony style meshes well with the concept, creating a killer synergy between eye-candy and touch-based puzzling action.

Overall Value

Priced at a dollar in the App Store, Cheezia won’t be breaking the bank anytime soon, and for the low price of entry, players can enjoy a fresh, cute, and entertaining breath of puzzling action on their iPhone. If you’re looking for a new finger-flicking game to try, Cheezia is certainly worth a test drive.

Cheezia for iPhoneCheezia requires iOS 4.5 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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