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AlbumTrackr - Quantic Fox LLC

Album Trackr

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

 AlbumTrackr, by developer Quantic Fox, provides updated information on when the bands you listen to release new material. It’s quick, efficient, and best of all, pretty darn cheap. The Mac app is a handy companion to your iTunes library, and is guaranteed to find you at least half a dozen new albums—if not three times that many.

Concept and Functionality

AlbumTrackr is like a music guide for your personal iTunes library. When first downloaded and run, the app scans through your entire music collection, cataloging the bands you listen to. Once it’s collected all the material it needs, it rockets off onto the Internet, trolling for any new releases your favorite artists may have unleashed. It then pulls that data back into its cozy interface, presenting it all with the option to purchase discovered tracks straight from iTunes.

AlbumTrackr doesn’t stop there, though: The app will continue to run in the background, periodically scanning for new albums and alerting you when it finds something good. You can turn these notifications off, but I found the instant alerts quite cool, not to mention informative. I also appreciated the fact that AlbumTrackr doesn’t just poll for new LPs, but EPs, remixes and singles, as well. If one of your top bands releases so much as a fresh sneeze, AlbumTrackr will find it and let you know.

I would have appreciated a bit more depth, however. Tracks can be launched from iTunes for a quick listen, but I still would have liked to browse new albums straight from AlbumTrackr. Likewise, a bit more information about the new material, such as reviews or press releases, would have been great as well.


Design and Interface

Album Trackr

AlbumTrackr for Macintosh

Perhaps the best thing about AlbumTrackr is its excellent interface. The smooth matte finish and gun metal grays look fantastic on the Mac’s screen, and album artwork loaded easy-as-pie. Likewise, I didn’t have to coax the app into recognizing my music either: I had barely loaded the thing before it cataloged, labelled and suggested new tracks to me. One could easily flesh out their iTunes library with AlbumTrackr, filling in the gaps as they appear.

Overall Value

Clocking in at a dollar in the Mac App Store, AlbumTrackr is easily one of the best priced music apps available for OS X. You may not necessarily need the service it offers, but at only one-hundred pennies, it’d be hard to resist the app’s charms. For such a low cost of entry, you can stay updated on new music releases, and be immediately tuned into said materials location. It’s a tight package, and it looks great on the Macintosh: All in all, AlbumTrackr earns a hearty recommendation, and a healthy four-star rating.

AlbumTrackr requires Mac OS X 10.4 or laterA small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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